It’s not “Happy Good Friday”, It’s Just “Good Friday”

Posted: March 22, 2016 in My Silly thoughts
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Jesus Christ came to earth to save the humankind from SIN, so that ….I am sure you know the rest of story about this dude, Jesus with long hair till shoulder and over grown beard (Isn’t he cool, he had an eye for fashion). So I will save all my effort to put you to sleep.

Happy good Friday”, last year my team member, a IT guy wished me with broad smile shaking my hand as if I am going to celebrate the day eating chicken leg, pork Bafat with Sanna and glass of chilled beer or wine. I looked at his Mysore-born-bought-body head to toe wondering which part of his body is sheltering his GK.

Lifeless, only-study 11th and 12th with extra couching classes to get a seat in CET, pressure to maintain 75% attendance in BE, top Indian companies blunt interview denial because of low SSLC marks, girlfriends betrayal after spending all pocket money on her alter neck, G string and nail polish, struggle to crack the aptitude test to get a decent job, battle to survive in Idly-Vada-Color-rice famous Bangalore with monthly 10K salary , sacrifice of holidays and weekends to make the clients happy,melancholy over the fucked up appraisal…” lost and defeated in the race of life I neither laughed at him, nor mocked him. I didn’t wanted to spoil his merry mood, all thanks to his new sexy girlfriend (Bike I am talking about, not mammal with breast (and yeah we are mammals, google said)) I chuckled busying myself with my morning routine “checking my mails”.

There is nothing good about good Friday macha, in a way it is, but not in a celebrating way” I slowly started my KT.

Really, I didn’t know” honesty was reflecting on his still glasses-free eyes.

Yeah, macha. Its sad day because it’s the day Jesus, died on cross, we humans did that to him. We can’t eat MEAT, can wear anything but read, spend as much as time in solitude praying, FASTING , mourning and attending mass and way of the cross. ” I said

Sinking deeper in the guilt, avoiding my eyes he said “sorry, Lobo(I like this guy, he calls me by my surname) I didn’t know this”

That’s ok macha, you can wish me Happy Easter, “it’s the day Jesus resurrected from his death.We can eat meat, wear red, dance to Shakira’s “hips-don’t-lie”,I tried to put him at ease

Thanks for that info Lobo, I feel very knowledgeable now” he said patting my hand on the mouse. There was it his IT pride back on its place. I nodded my head, sure as hell, earth and life after, that as soon as he reach his bay first thing he will do is Google about Good-Friday(that is what we are doing since we left college)

Not yet, but in a while, you will be” I whispered as he walked to his bay.


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