Some SightSeeing

Posted: April 7, 2016 in My Silly thoughts

Bangalore’s butt itching hot weather and crazy traffic, as I was bored I thought I will go on some sightseeing. Luckily, I got entry into IT company without any ID card. I felt heavenly for having the privilege to roam freely without any tag around my neck.

As I fluttered my wings and flew I saw these humans immersed in front of the machine, “tak tak tak” pressing some keys all time. I flew and these humans “ohhhhh’ed seeing the uninvited guest, few humans with tail wailed “Mummy, mummy”. I took my sweet time and sat at the corner laughing and “hanhaing”, dumb cows were acting as if my time they are seeing me. Hope they know the small-egg shaped-white color-light-weight poop, commonly found in balcony, terrace belongs to me. Some took out their small instrument and went on click click while I flew over and over.

piegoopn_censored (1)

At some point of time I felt I have their full attention, more than their boss. Felt like celestial. I was just enjoying my visit when they spoiled everything by trying to capture me. I flew escaping the waiting hands. But before I could leave my trade mark, my shit, they caught hold of me and threw me out of the window. Within fraction of second the gilly was over and they were back into their machine.

pigeon2_censored (1)

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