UK Day 1

Posted: May 2, 2016 in TransOceanic

Country goose aka enku pnamabur was finally in UK, that too on her own. Defiantly scared, but she walked her head held high with confidence.

“Use your common sense” my cousin advice echoed. As I walked I saw COSTA Café and I felt relaxed no matter where you go there will be something reminding you of your sweet home. As I pushed my trolley with my bags at the airport though the warm cozy exit gate the cold wind hit my face and all I wanted was to turn back and get inside the warmth of airport. Scared I was I might wet my pants with bone chilling cold I ran towards the waiting room. One visit to cold country and you will know the meaning of winter (Winter is coming, it’s not funny anymore). Thank god I was landed in summer if it was winter I would have caught the next flight back to Bangalore, winter is not meant for us especially for those who get fried in hot summer like a dry fish.

“You better book cab mam” advice of the guy who issued the ticket echoed in my ears. “It’s late and not safe”. “Not safe?UK not safe?India I agree men carry the bombs in their pants but UK?He must be fucking kidding me” I told myself over and over. Rubbing my frozen finger against each other and blowing some hot air as I waited for my ride. When a tall, pretty lady got down from the bus I was bit relaxed. Dumping my bag I ran towards the warm sanctuary of the bus. Leaning my head against the window I tried to make sense of huge planes, parked cars but when my eyelids tried to become one I fought with all my will scared to pit I might miss my stop. Tired I was with my day started at 4.40AM GMT and lasted till 11.00PM BST, I longed for a bath and warm bed. I prayed to god to be merciful, but against my will I dozed off like how they do in BMTC bus. Then I sat blinking my eyes like how a bird shakes its feathers after the dip in the water, patter, patter patter.

I reached my destination safely cluttering teeth and with already dead bones. I felt heavenly after having hot water bath. But one can’t have bath like water buffalo, sprinkling the water to next one acre. We need to be careful not to spill the water outside the bath tub, most irritating thing. Also I am scared that one day I might topple while soaping my feet and hit my head to the marble toilet and die, instant death and 4 hours after my death they will find my life gone body in land of tubs and tissues.

After having my bath carefully not to spill the water I was exhausted. Bathrooms scream and tell you to spill the water but UK bathrooms tell you to maintain the dryness.

When my head hit the pillow I slept like kumbakarna straight 11 hours without a care in the world.

Next day when I got up I was in for a surprise. Side pipe(the one you use to wash your tushie) was missing. “Oella, What to do now” I said wondering. But When I saw the familiar bucket and mug I smiled. What we Indians would have done without our dear bucket and mug I just wondered.

Days are warm with cold wind while nights are chilly. Warm double blanket or warm body to snuggle is recommended sad I don’t have bothL

After having my late breakfast when I went for grocery shopping I felt nostalgic. So what I am far from my home but there will something close to you to remind you of your home. “CHURCHSTREET” for a moment I felt I am in Bangalore.


Rest of the day I did nothing but sleep. Even though I cant see the sun set and sun rise in India somehow my body does. I am up at 5 in the morning (nuns waking time) rolling, tossing watching the already risen sun. Jet lag sounds all fancy when you hear but when you suffer from it, you really understand the complexity behind the two tiny little words.

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