I Will Rise You Beyond Life

Posted: May 29, 2016 in My Silly thoughts, TransOceanic

When most of the people chose to spend their long weekend with their dear ones travelling I chose to spend mine with people long gone. From day 1 since I saw the cemetery located on Crawley Green Road I was drawn to it like a sheep drawn to the stream. The wide entrance decorated with trees always called me in silence. No I am not a witch , and I dont call dead ghost; I am just curious person who burns her tail sometimes satisfying her curiosity.

I started walking in along with my friends(they are sure crazy enough to come with me that to cemetery) I was mesmerized by the beauty of it. Except for the loud whispers of the wind and occasional chirping birds it was silent place for the alive one to walk and beautiful place to rest for the dead ones. My friends stayed at the entrance and said “go in SnL, we will wait here”

“They are just sleeping, not going to harm you” I said

“We know that, we dont want to disturb them”. I chuckled and walked




In Mangalore the cemetery is so boring place to rest for dead ones and to visit for the living,with scourging sun with thunder and lightning in summer and heavy rain in rainy season, graves paint long gone with time, Touch Me not all spread with its leaves and flowers, weeds growing all corners except for November 2 after all the cleaning and white wash4

Then I saw graves decorated with flowers yellow, red, white and pink, Some faded some still fresh from the florist.


Somewhere gone to world of dead years ago and some recently.


Some had lost their wife, daughter, mother  and some their dad


“Beloved father”, “Loving husband”…my heart wept in their sad fate where one is cursed to live and other gone to world of silence. First time I felt living ones are unlucky because we have live .


Angels who perished leaving their waling parents behind,


With little time they lived they are still remembered, missed and loved dearly


So what they are gone their parents still wish them on Christmas,


And with so many Toys , bunny’s and no kids to play, Its heart breaking to see


And then I was in for surprise. I saw them before they could disappear. I started walking towrads them and they were gone to their hiding place.


So What I had to wait, I saw the whole family of Rabbit .


Little they were scared of me but they did pose


I was very jeloaus of Mr Edgar, so what he is dead he still have the company of whole Rabbit family


Some resting under the shadow of big tree and I wanted to lie down too for a while. Sad I am still alive I cant rest for my time haven’t come yet


Then I saw the tree, with stars, heart, moon hung from the brances


MR and Mrs Teddy Bear watching over


Little angels were sleeping quietly.


Plucked before their time from the garden


I know how cruel the fate can be sometimes


I will rise them beyond life says the lord(I think he says this) where they will see the eternal life.

Its pretty huge cemetery I wanted to visit every corner of it but I was gone for long already. I couldn’t make my friends wait so I walked back with firm decision to visit them soon. Who doesnt like little silent company ; I am sure even the long resting will be happy

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