Look Mom, It’s Queen’s Bday

Posted: June 13, 2016 in My Silly thoughts, TransOceanic
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SnL:”It was Queens 90th bday. I expect you to know this after spending mornign qaulity time fighting for news paper with your husband”

Mom:”Wait, let me wear my specs and see, By the way what this people are doing?”

SnL:”Their are celebration mom, its their queens bday.  loud music floating through all corners, it was a gay morning


Mom:”Oh, I am sure they would have distributed cake”

SnL:Laughs, “What Florine,to distribute cake its not our parish priest bday”

Mom: “How should I know, I am va house wife from a small village. What to do, my parents didnt have money..”

SnL: “Same last hymn how many times your repeat?”


Mom :”Wow, must be wonderful to see live”

SnL: “Yes. Florine, It is”



SnL: “Planes were flying  all over the sky”



SnL :”Some planes farted colored gas, it was spectacular view”

Florine: “Hmmm”


SnL: “I sttod there gaping open mouth”

Mom: “Hmm”

SnL:”Will you stop hmming me, I hate when someone Hmm’s me”

Mom: “I was searching or you in the crowd, Its been so many days since I last saw you”


SnL: “That’s me, WAITING, under the lamppost”

Mom: “nice lamp…wait a minute where is other half of your dress?Did the tailor forgot to attach the bottom?”

SnL: “What bottom, this is it. You need to change your views”

Mom: “Yeah If I change my view I can see only legs!!

SnL: “Grow up Flo, you need to chill, who knows someone will fall for my legs.

Mom: “Dont trust the guys who falls for the legs, fall for the guy who respects you as a woman not an asset. The man who loves…

SnL:”Bye mom, thank you for the sermon, I missed Sunday mass”

Mom :”When I tell something useful you say its sermon…..

SnL :” Good night, give regards to your husband “

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