Cant Get Enough Of It

Posted: June 19, 2016 in My Silly thoughts, TransOceanic

London is breathtaking; mere mention of its name bags you 200 likes and 189 comments on your DP(I am still counting). With my amateur words I wouldn’t even dare to describe it’s crazy rainy days, cozy cold days and body itching hot days with colorful roses blooming and flowers showing their smile to every stranger they see. Rather I will keep it simple and plane like convent school nuns clothes. The burden of being a spectacular writer like Srikanth(Hope your face will bloom like dhasavala(hibiscus)) is heavy.


Poop, You Can find it anywhere, Even In UK.

Last Sunday as I walked to the church,on the streets of Luton there was a surprise waiting for me. I looked at it in all angles to make sure that, it is what it looked like. Dog Poop was grinning at me wickedly. You don’t have to be in India to see the shit on the street, trust me you can find it anywhere.

When you hear the Fire alarm just run, there is never mock drill

I walked in to office with my usual 5 KG, mentally unstable 4GB laptop watching the painters painting the walls listening to the music on Saturday. As I walked into my ODC, with no human around, only dead PC’s staring at me I sat on my chair silently. “So what It’s scary, I can manage” I said and opened my laptop. Within an hour of my arrival the fire alarm went off. TTTTTTRRRRRIIIIINNNNN,I looked at my left and right, back and front, then I looked up hoping finally I can see the fountain dancing, that too live. I was just imagining water will start falling and my laptop will get brain hemorrhage and slip into coma. I smiled sadistically and started digging at my work like wood pecker

“Get out of here” Security guy barked at me. I looked at him and tried to smile, you know I was being polite.

“Get out now” His second bark was enough for me to move my ass and show the severity of the situation. As I walked out I saw a fire brigade standing outside all set to be in action. Then I saw other employees standing outside, under the tree and waiting, worried look on their face. And I was walking down the steps like a chief guest, at least I thought so. All the way till the bus stop I laughed like a maniac. There is never mock drill when you hear the fire alarm all you need to do is just RUN.

No, I Use Visual Studio

When the null pointer exception started mocking at me I irritated all my friends within reach to fix the issue show casing my bunny smile. With few showing their ass and few chuckles, I started walking on the way that lead to a Intellectual brain. With his “’Grab(r doing summer salt) a chair’, ‘yep’, ’yep’ I was mesmerized by his interest in my null pointer exception. Well tamed hair, ironed clothes he had a class dressing sense, I could see it and smell it. The familiar Cool Water smell hit my nostrils and I took a deep breath losing myself in the world of David Off. At least I thought it was “Cool Water” so to give 100% marks to my nasal organ I did a blunder of clarifying with him

“You use Cool water eh?” I looked at him now waltzing in the familiar fragrance.

“No, I use Visual Studio” he said already lost in his world, analyzing finding the root of the fault. I just stood frozen to the floor looking at his head.

“Visual Studio it is” I said, banging my head to the nearby pillar imaginatively.

So you study in the Univerzity?

As I approached the billing counter the man behind the counter smiled at him, maybe he was happy to see somebody like him with brown skin and black hair. To try out my always poor flirting skills I smiled. He asked me “Where are you from?”, looked like he was just waiting for the signal.

My inner joy doubled thinking finally guys from London are showing interest that too in me.

I smiled and tried to blink my eyes 100 times per 30 sec like Pili-Pili(like cat) and said “I am from India, with head held high(stressed IND with full pride)” I said trying to be melodious like Asha Boslae, how I wished harshness in my voice just disappeared like the planes disappeared in Bermuda Triangle. With Pakistani, Indian, SriLankan nationality matching my complexion may be he was way confused I thought.

“So you study in the univerzity” he asked me billing my Dr Pepper. Even the “zity” caught my attention I ignored ,happy that my age didn’t reflected on my face, I laughed showing my bunny teeth at first then I remembered the tactic and smiled like an exotic half-moon and said “No, I work”

When I realized with his two questions and my no questions I was already lagging behind by 2:0 I was fuming silently. I wanted to maintain the balance, after all men and women are equal. I had to do a comeback. Nobody can compete with my with questions I had to prove that to this London punk I told myself. Flirting all long forgotten, it’s never been my glass of Lemon Tea

“Where are you from?” I asked him queuing my next question, placing the Dr Pepper in my bag. “Where you work in univerzity?”, he ignored my question and asked his question, that too third one. How dare he? Thank god  I didn’t get on the counter and hit his head with my hand

“Hhehehehhehe NO, somewhere else” I said still thinking of my come back.

“I study in Univerzity, This is my friends shop..” he went on explaining, throwing hands in all direction. I looked at him calmly my interest long gone with the queen’s carriage. One thing I don’t like is people avoiding my questions.

With my frustration building up I tried my luck and threw the question again at his face. I still have to make it at least 3:1, “Where are you from?”

“I am From SriLanga” he said smiling

I walked out of the shop replying to his “cheers” with “cheers” and burst out laughing “Yeah, we have many Langa’s(Skirt) in Bangalore”

Every day I have new experience and its quite different from the previous day.


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