Quiet,Peaceful And I Am Totally In Love

Posted: July 23, 2016 in My Silly thoughts, TransOceanic
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Low on my mojo, I trailed of in search of company of silence because you are not obliged to talk and least of all pretend to be interested. I can never pretend that’s the other thing, It’s not that I never tried but it doesn’t suit me.

It was 2 o’ clock in the noon, while most of the Britt’s had forsaken clothes to escape from heat , wearing red t-shirt and full pants I was walking, soaking wet, grabbing all attention of dead and alive in the cemetery. No, I don’t know to call the spirit and yeah I am scared of ghost too. It’s just that the cemetery on this Crawley Green Road, Luton is so peaceful and calm I can’t stop myself visiting it. It is my second visit and I am sure there will be many more. Sleeping for eternity, saved from the curse of world of living I always feel dead ones are very lucky It’s us who are unlucky.


I went to say hi to Mr and Mrs Teddy who were guarding the children section. I was surprised to see their little baby guarding alongside them. FAMILY, defiantly an important factor of our void life, no matter which side you are, this side or other side.



Then I went to see Mr Edger, I envied this guy, for he had the privilege of having Rabbits Company. I waited with patience for the Rabbits to come out. When I didn’t see those attentive ears I went near and peeped. Sadly they were all gone without any trace and postal code. Hopefully not to the world of dead, may be they changed their location. I wanted the second guess to be true.


Sad and dishearten I walked saying hi to Rita, Gregory, Lucy, Salvadore and many more to name. Calm and quiet they slept peacefully without a care in the world. Greenery surrounding, wind singing song I was mesmerized in the dormitory of the dead ones. I sat under this huge tree losing myself in the orbit of quietness.


I have no clue how many ghost followed me or watched me closely yawning, counting the cavity in my mouth, grey hair strands. When I felt my eyelids closing I woke up and continued my expedition. Sitting in cemetery is ok, walking in cemetery is ok but sleeping in cemetery is not ok


So what Mr Rabbit changed his location Ms squirrel came to greet me, dancing wagging its tail. It’s then I saw two male species of human being standing and talking. Isolated place, midst of nowhere, woman with no company, invitation to trouble, …My mind spanned faster than the carousel. Indian women instinct and there I was running like a scared deer stamping Julian, Mark and apologizing thereafter. Isn’t it funny we are always scared of dead ones but its always the living creature who has the capacity to harm us.


By the time I reached the entrance I was breathless. I sat for a while watching the leaves dance matching the tune of wind.

Saying bye to everyone, with a promise to visit them soon I walked after all everyone loves little company occasionally.

  1. Markjohn Laver says:

    I’ve spent countless hours here too in the past,maybe someday I’ll return again.


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