In The Loving Arms Of the Nature

Posted: July 24, 2016 in London, My Silly thoughts, TransOceanic

After landing in UK my lone walks, following my crazy have found a new turn. I don’t think twice, actually I don’t think at all, Thanks to UK, there is drastic change in me. I still love to do things on my own with somebody beside me or without. I guess this is what they call growing old, you do things which you always wanted not waiting for anyone.

Even though it was Sunday and I am in UK I didn’t have any plan to visit London; Visited London bridge already done 5 times, One more time and I will puke on the middle of the bridge, London eye, big Ben… Rather I had a plan to work on my new crazy idea.


I packed my bag with mango juice, fruits, and snacks and set out on my small journey to park where I was planning to have picnic party. Guess who else was joining me? The Nature.


I never really saw the leaves dance before and now I have seen it I cant stop watching

Green grass, whispering and occasional screaming wind, dancing leaves, gray-blue sky and off course cricket with their never stopping siren. So what I just have to listen for a change I wasn’t bored for a second. I felt heavenly instead. It is total different view and new experience from lying on the grass. It’s not I never tried back at home; my mom and dad were always around to say “Kalen zalango thuka?”(What happened to you).


Everyone should try, its totally worth it.

Lying under this huge tree I tried to keep my eyes open, my Indian never sleeping woman instinct all awake, ”lone woman, open to invitation blabla …”it was so soothing and comfortable I fought harder to keep my eyes open but when my eyes didn’t listen I gave in dozed off for a while. How I wished I could seize the day and moment forever. Losing myself first time to the nature, for real, I enjoyed being on my own with my precious silent company


Book is ok, but isn’t my book mark cool!!

Yeah, I remember my book which I bought to read. I tried to read few lines but when I kept losing my focus to then blue now grayed sky I closed it.


That’s me, still same,cant stop reading

Fathers were playing football with their son, teenagers were riding their bicycle, women walked their dogs and I just laid there watching the sky, the tree, the bees, there was this smile on my face.


What would I done without my dear dark chocolate.

Do give a try watching the blue sky but don’t forget your picnic mat. I did, result of which I can’t stop itching still.


Sun rays peeking and saying hello to me

  1. Mel says:

    Just wondering what kinda taste would a chili flavor chocolate be ??


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