Markha Valley Trek – Day 1 Leh to Skiu

Posted: September 8, 2019 in I Got Leh'd, Markha Valley Trek
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Markha valley trek day 1 kick started with light gyan and the group pic. Couple of hours drive from Leh and then couple of hours walk to Skiu, which was our final destination for the day

Photography is prohibited 🙂 yes, I am that annoying Indian tourist who once in a blue moon break the rules.

That is Indus flowing as lazy as possible.

The best bees. Luckily Raju recovered and was able to make it, in fact we was leading the trek with his friends cracking jokes and laughing all the time.

Mogli as Sara used to call him.

Our super fit trek leader Pawan

Sexy and sleek. All you have to do is be there and roads lead you wherever you want

Magnetic Hills.

Sangam where Indus, pretty, quietly glowing with green meets vigorously flowing dirty Zanskar. In winter Zanskar will be frozen and people trek on the frozen surface famously known as Chadar trek.

“BRO At Your Service”. When we read this we felt Leh is so cool. Cool people have so cool encouraging statements. “Its like Indus joins Zanskar and they flow together to Pakistan , Indian saying coolly  “bro” at your service”(some Sri logic) this is what Sri had to say after reading this for 5 times. With their mind blowing road signs I felt Leh is super cool and totally YO. It was later, when I was my extended trip I realized BRO stands for:Border Road Organization. When I messaged and told Sri about his incorrect cooked up story he laughed. Some stupid logic for stupid people which makes that stupid moment epic.

Pawan is hard core trekker, mountaineer with our gorgeous ladies.

River rafting in Zanskar. I soo wanted to try.

Starting point of river rafting

Many more to go. Coolest road sign you can find are all in Leh

Leh’s Super Man. I think nothing can stop Regzen. Born in Skiu, I havent seen anyone who can carry so many bags and walk. Down to earth, he is very smart and judging the trekkers. Very humble and helpful. If he is your trek guide, man your trek going to be LEGENDARY!

Our first stop for the day. Museum where craftsman still use old traditional ways

Sri had complained that he is running short of good profile pictures and I solved his problem in no time.

Mountain goat horns

And the skilled craftsman

Its toilet:). They dug a deep pit with a hole, over which you have squat and aim it making sure whatever business you do it goes down through the hole and then dump little mud on it like cats.

Our packed lunch for the day.

Yummy yummy lunch and tummy full.

And it begins

First break of many  🙂

With his crazy-monster bag Sri was always lying down type wherever we stopped for break

The colors will lift your spirit in no time.

That’s tiffin aka fart king. One of the coolest person I ever met. He got famous nick name “tiffin” becasue no matter where we was he always carried his tiffin box(lunch box) filled with rice, sambar, curds and veggies and spread it over a plate without caring anyone.

Our trek leader and trek guide. They are smart and always observant. Rigzen picked up the plastic bottles he found on the way.

And finally we met the trekker who enrolled at the last minute. We used to call her army girl as her dad is serving Indian army. She have completed mountaineering course couple of years back. She is very passionate, strong trekker who was always second in line.


More stupa’s

They say whoever comes to Leh becomes a professional photographer and is so true.

Shaggy Dog

Some catching up with school teachers

And then some catching up with the three pupils:)

Pretty Dolma

Like her dad Dolma started walking and never stopped but she was observant. She always maintained the pace

The shaggy dog followed the guy in yellow.  He was always in the lead. Whenever his friends were tired he stopped with them and encouraged them. He is the glue which held all four them them very tightly. I laughed my lungs out listening to his jokes while others just smiled.

Our camp site.

Against everyone’s warning “You will wet your shoes, break few bones, its just first day of the trek” zup  Sri leaped crossed the stream. “So how you gonna come back now?” his dad was asking him in all his mighty coolness while I was imagining if my dad was in his place by now he would have whacked and I would be busy wailing from top of my voice.

No Sri didnt lose his calm. He listened to his dads instruction while we all waited to see whether he will wet his shoes or not.

no he didnt

Meanwhile tiffin started building a bridge saying “I will build and show, this stream is nothing”. No he didnt finish it.:) 

And then acclimatization.

Our DSLR guy who captured one of the best portraits.

Rigzen took us all to his home and we went all so crazy seeing it. It is one of the coziest place you can find in the Leh.

We met his pretty mom and we knew then from whom he gets his looks.

Dolma was busy with her video game.

What I liked the most is the view from the window

Our pooping tent. No we didnt the latch. One had to sing or be attentive and scream when heard the footsteps.I did that twice. More than that pooping in the adjacent tent was stressful.

After having our soup Pawan checked our oxygen level. As many of them had taken Diamox(I didnt) oxygen level was well maintained. Except Mogli’s, which was at the border, plus his walking phase was very slow. He was hopeful so as we. After having our delicious dinner we went to bed. Some could sleep peacefully while some couldnt. It was drizzling , bit chilly except for that crazy mule who cried every single minute it was perfect night

To be Continued…


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