Markha Valley Trek – Day 4 Markha To Hankar

Posted: December 13, 2019 in I Got Leh'd, Markha Valley Trek

It was fine day to start the trek. Energy pumping Subhash was leading again with his besties. Sara stumbled and  realized we didn’t say our prayer. “Lobo, my darling come here, will say our prayer before we break few bones”. We were on .

Wild goat horns

All became pro in crossing the water streams in no time.

Father son duo.

Ever energetic trek leader and trek guide.

Break time that means it pee time 🙂

As usual mules over took us.

Super cool kitchen staff, flaunting their killer moves and six packs.

Pretty grandma with her donkey

Tea break. “The seven-up is just to admire from a distance, Its just for display” Subhash was saying. The guy had a point. Like always I was the only one to laugh. 

Ever smiling Suresh 🙂 

Coffee with grandma.

Mountain though you have multiple choices.

It was scenic all the freaking time.

“Hey Lobo, you keep on changing your outer jacket from fleece jacket to wind sheet and Poncho, I wouldn’t be surprised if you have a swim suit in that small back pack of yours”. Like always I laughed while others just smiled. Only Subhash could say such funny dialogues and I just loved  his witty spirit.

Sri’s classic pose. He was boneless, always falling with his bag whenever wherever possible.

Share food share love.

This was cafe, run by only women. When we saw Dolka, we went bonkers seeing her beauty. She is so pretty we, women just stared at her while men clicked pics and started hitting on her :). It looked like good god took years to create her, such beauty she was. Beauty from the mountain untouched by the world.

Dolka with her mom and her aunt. 

Pawan said, these were the ruins of a old Palace which existed ages ago.

Experts started examining the ruins, cooking the story behind it.

Quick break to relax and quench the thirst.

The great Rigzen

Motivating messages were really soothing.

Finally our campsite. When we reached , it was already 2 o’clock. In spite of having packed lunch, kitchen staff served us hot lunch again. Bless them all, food was so delicious and good, we couldnt help ourselves from the second serve.

Arent they look cute 🙂 

I dont know why I remember Good  Samaritan proverb every time I see this pic.

As sun was setting down, we geared up for acclimatization. So our killer poses began

Jump high reaching the sky, only I can do it, Pawan.

Colorful jump but I should look pretty, Renu.

Let me do other way around, Pawan.

Anything for a cool Insta pic, Sri

Slow and steady, I have to look cute though, Sara.

I agree, I wasnt keeping well in the beginning but now I am a unstoppable man, Raju.

You buggers dont know how to do it, Rigzen.

We were 13,100ft high. Sun disappeared with promise to rise the next day .We were already freezing singing the song “its cold, its cold”.

Soup, oxygen level check followed by dinner, we were all set in our thermals to go to bed. I dont remember seeing the sky with stars but yes, it was cold but pleasant night.

To Be Continued


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