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I was up quite early the next day, thanks to my current job, I am a fucking rooster no matter where I go. Night wasn’t that bad and luckily I didn’t have the agonizing headache. Dhruvin was up already and packing, he was going sightseeing in a shared taxi. After freshening up and not to forget after pooping(it’s a biggest achievement if you are able to poop in a brand new surrounding) I was getting ready, I had to check out from the hostel and meet up with my trek group, at a homestay round the corner. On my way out I happen to see Kelvin rushing to the washroom in nothing but his black underwear. I know it’s no big deal, at least not for foreigners but for most of us Indians hmmm… “Good Morning”, I gave him a broad smile, you see it was a beautiful, scratch that, it was a heavenly day. “Good Morning “, he said giving his morning lazy smile. Darn I love hostels.

Having breakfast with Ladina made me realize she is an encyclopedia, she had so much to share and I there was so much I wanted to listen to, nothing she said seemed dull or boring, everything was just fascinating, a riveting account of her life. Through our conversations she implied she wasn’t the same with everyone, meaning I was among the chosen few and I couldn’t be happier. After bidding farewell to Ladina and Gharghi, the one who assured me a woman can travel solo in Leh, I was on my way to the homestay where my other trek members were waiting. I got a ride from a guy who had studied in Bangalore. He explained to me the good work he is doing for Ladhki’s, like counselling and stuff. He wasn’t ready to take money and but I wasn’t in for a free ride either.

Meeting Renu and Sarah, our gorgeous ladies from the trekking group changed my perspective towards life. This was my first time meeting them but thanks to the WhatsApp group, all 9 of us felt like we had known each other for ages, specially the gorgeous ladies. With their incredible wit and wisdom, they kept the group alive. Renu’s audio message on what to pack and her comprehensive view on just about anything trek related was so impressive, it simply blew my mind.

When I saw Renu and Sarah I was dumbstruck. They were so graceful, vivacious and just easy to be around with. Their down to earth attitude caught my heart and in absolutely no time we hit it off.

Just a while later we went on a brisk walk, on the way posing of pictures, click some, talking about this and that, turning the prayer wheel and swallowing lot of dust, just creating memories. When the sun started to burn our skin we decide to walk back, just then a white SUV stopped by, windows rolled down in style and a lady in yellow sweater politely asked  “Do you ladies need a drop? ” like how it happens in movies. Without a second thought we hopped in and it turned to be quite an exhilarating ride. The ladies conversed between themselves while I sat there listening in, all the while coughing up dust. With my limited abilities to listen in, all I could gather was, the  lady was a local celebrity of sorts and her name was Geethanjali. She dropped us in the market and suggested a good restaurant for lunch.

Renu and Sarah were college friends and had known each other practically their whole lives, they were the true ‘besties for life’ I would say. Even though we had bit of an age gap I never felt out of place . They were super affectionate and so easy-to-talk to, I couldn’t be more thrilled to have them as my trek partners . After having lunch, Ladhak’s local food, we walked around in the market, picked souvenirs and then got going, we had a trek briefing scheduled at around 4 back at the homestay , time when we would final meet the whole trekking group face to face.

After quick power nap we assembled in a common area. Our trek Leader Pawan and Trek Guide Rigzon were already there, eyeing us, doing a mental calculation whether they could carry if we fall on the trail. Funny but strict, the two started the trek briefing, explaining about do’s and don’ts while we all listened. Unlike my previous trek group, this was a fun group most of them in their mid-40s except for few young chimps in late 20’s and mid 30’s. Looking at the group I hoped when I hit that age I would be as fit and jovial as these guys were. “The Tiffin” already cracked us up with his stories. Subhash’s stupid jokes, Raju’s cute smile, Mouuli’s dumbness, Chandhar and Srikanth’s wise discussion and not to forget our gorgeous ladies “Pee-in-pants” jokes I couldn’t have asked for a better trek group. As Rigzon had to organize things for our trek which was supposed to start the day after tomorrow, he left early, but not without a word of warning – “be ready and well prepared for the upcoming trek” and of course a sweet farewell.

Pawan was still with us, explaining what can happen in the mountains if we don’t listen to him. Finally when he left it was 6. As we had to do last minute shopping and get the fitness certificate from a doctor, we hit the road in Tanis taxi, a cab driver whose number we saved from noon’s trip.

“Jullay” , ladhaki way of saying “hi”

I wished everyone who would take a little trouble of giving us a warm little smile, an experience you never have in big cities.

The evening consisted of me giving gyan to Mouli on punctuality while we were separated from our herd, looking for the group, more gyan to Mouli, final finding the group, doctors fitness report and last minute shopping followed by an amazing dinner. All 9+1(Mouli who joined our group previous day) of us seated across, chatting, passing the dishes, smiling on stupid, silly jokes, it was then that  I knew ,  I would be going back with more memories than I intend to, it’s probably true what they say , “The best things in life are the people we love, places we have been and the memories we make along the way”


                                                                                       To be continued… 

I had been accumulating my basket of leaves, and saving every possible penny from Swiggy and Zomato for a few months now,  with high hopes of spending them in the best possible way, among the mountains, in Nepal. Well, at least that was the plan, but you know what they say, Life’s what happens while you’re busy making other plans. This time, Nature had something else in store for me, the Nepal trek which I had been looking forward to for so long, had to be called off because of the bad weather conditions. Of course there’s rational way of looking at all these unexpected changes, but we are hardly ever rational when a holiday is cancelled, not even when it is concerned with being alive. I was no different, all I wanted to do was to dig up a hole, jump in it and to die of frustration and disappointment. One more day without a break in this corporate world and my brain would turn into one like Einstein, developing a new formula for Energy that has nothing to do with mass or whatever  the crap C stands for, Energy=wine*food*sleep I would have been proving this formula.

Of course, to my surprise I decided against digging up a hole, instead made a few phone calls, couple of online payments and with tons of assurance, I was in for my first solo trek. This wasn’t planned, was definitely not a holiday picturized with fancy clothes and straw hats, this was just me taking a chance at letting my soul be where it truly wants to be.

“Are you crazy SnL, why do you want to go on a solo trip at this age” Loly started questioning my decision.

“I will get married by this year and before that I want to do a solo trek”.

“What! You finally found a guy?”.


“Then whom are you marrying?”

“Well, I don’t know, I just wanna do this solo trek”

No questions were asked then

With its rich culture, great big mountains, and the warm-hearted people, the place couldn’t be more perfect. I couldn’t wait to get there.  And, that’s how Leh-Ladhak happened and I am so glad it did.

I didn’t make big fuss this time(third time to be precise) about the changes in my leave plan, not after the last time, when I showed up in office, the actual day when my leave was about to begin. And my team members were like “What happened to your leave plan”, it is frustrating to have your plans cancelled and having to explain it to everybody else only adds to your misery.

On my ride to the airport, I was still reciting my rosary for my safety. “Do whatever you want to” the encouraging words from my mom gave me the well needed kick in my gut and I set off. Now, if you ask about my dad, Turrr, while I was on my solo adventure, he still thought or at least my loyal mom and sister made him think, his little daughter is in Bangalore working her ass off through the weekdays and  attending masses on Sunday. He is a bit strict and protective, and this can come across as boring, but I understand, he is just being a father. He almost caught me but mom handled it so smartly, I owe her a big time.

As I lifted my crazy -heavy rucksack I almost peed in my pants. With my trekking gear, clothes, wipes, snacks and more clothes, made me wonder if I was carrying a living human in there. I got my boarding pass without any annoying conversation; instead there were warm smiles from the ground staff.  I patted my back for bagging window seat. I don’t even remember my journey to Delhi, Leh was all I could think about. When I boarded the flight to Leh  and reached my seat with “excuse me please”, “sorry”, “let me pass”, and finally  “You are on my seat” . For which I got introduced to an old couple “Ok, meet my father and my mother” by a young Indian bloke (as if we were to get married soon and I was going to be their daughter in law) with astronaut headphones “we are travelling together, would you mind to exchange…” I cut him right then, eyes still glued to my seat with “Sorry, I need my window seat” I didn’t feel bad, I didn’t feel bad at all. I am sure when he goes to the toilet, he doesn’t take his dad or mom along. And yeah, he wasn’t 3, to have his Mom and Dad be sitting on his ether sides. I made my way to the well-earned window seat and buckled up for my trip to Leh, No one is going to take my window seat from me, not when I am on my solo trip.

The Indian bloke was showing some article on Leh to his mom from one side while his mom was busy surfing “Jockey stores in Leh” from other. Looks like either her son or husband, is going commando or wearing dirty underwear very soon.

When my eager eyes had the first glimpse of the magnificent mountains I almost jumped from my seat. Click, click, click I couldn’t stop, snow covered peaks, bare mountains, beautiful valleys, I knew right then I had chosen the right place. The butterflies in my stomach and the lingering second thoughts, everything just disappeared instantly.

When our flight landed it was drizzling, with the cool breeze all around, it was like being placed in cooler from boiling furnace of Bangalore. All my senses really seemed to be enjoying the pleasant weather. Sun couldn’t be bothered to rise high with all dark clouds surrounding him.

As I got out of the airport I had some difficulty in breathing and felt the effect of low oxygen levels in the region. Every step I took I felt like I was grasping for more air. Leh is at altitude of 3500 meters above sea level and, so one needs to be well acclimatized to get used to the weather. The silent, crazy headache was on its way and I was clueless. While I was waiting for baggage, people were rushing towards the oxygen can seller. “Nahh, I’d prefer the natural way” I told myself.

I picked my crazy rucksack and followed the cab driver “Jullay madam”, cab driver, the warm hearted Ladakhi guy wished me with a broad smile “You are from which place”, “Travelling alone”. “give me your bag, I will carry it for you” I answered all his questions following him to his taxi carrying my bag and still grasping for oxygen, little did I know I would be grasping for air till  my very last day there. I gave him my hostel address and thus begin my first day, a beautiful, adventurous day.

The roads were almost clean, everywhere you turn you could see the big beautiful mountains, and of course the smiles from the beautiful people of Leh, welcoming you to enjoy their hospitality, their home, their place.

Himalayan Bunker Hostel was almost similar to what was shown on their website. Garghi’s heart melting smile and make yourself home attitude was all I needed to lift my spirits up. “Have some ginger lemon tea for your headache and rest well today, you will be alright tomorrow” She assured me, but the throbbing headache was well on  its way.

When I walked into my 10-sleeper dorm, I was greeted by all good looking guys. Boy oh boy, can there be any other place called heaven! Exchanging the pleasantries, with a hand-shake I introduced myself to a few of them (I did that, so uncool of me), Kelvin, cute guy with curly eye lashes was from Netherlands, Dhruvin was from Gujrath and the full shaven guy with Hitler haircut, somehow I forgot to ask his name, that may be because I had already struck a conversation with Dhruvin about the local market and transport. Conversing with millennials is no easy task, your response doesn’t have to really be in so many words expressing you thoughts, just a “cool” will usually suffice.

I wasn’t tired in spite of getting up at 2. I grabbed, a  vacant lower bed and dumped my stuff just to imply its occupied. After freshening up I was all set to head towards the Leh Market with Dhruvin. We shared a taxi with two other girls, just for 10 Rs. each.

Mani(Prayer wheel)

Leh Market

The dirty shaggy dog

Once we were in the market Dhruvin started talking about his trip, how he and his friends couldn’t visit places together because of bad planning, but I could hardly focus on what he was saying, I was lost in the scenic view of the city and the warmth of its people. They don’t stare at you; they just greet you with the biggest possible smiles, those smiles they just light up your heart and you can’t help but feel lighter and happier.


After giving some useful tips like where to catch the return bus and where I can find an ATM Dhruvin was on his way to explore the rest of the city, of course not before I assured him, more than 10 times that I will be alright and I will comfortably reach back to the hostel. I had captured the picture of the bust stop which was near to my hostel. When you travel solo you have to plan your days meticulously , down to every minute and try not to depend on anyone. My phone was already at work, busy capturing pictures for my blog, the moments to cherish in the future and worst case scenario to find my way back to my hostel

If not for the lurking headache, I had an awesome time, walking on the streets, looking at the vendors getting ready for the day, those tiny white particles flying high in the air, gazing at the mountains, shops, things, people, sleeping furry dogs, Manis(prayer wheels). I had my lunch in a small restaurant, the lady was so sweet, and she even gave me extra soup.

I headed back when my headache became severe. I showed my phone to the guy asked whether the minibus, their public transport will go to that place, he nodded saying yes and I hopped in. I sat next to a lady, showed her my phone and requested “Can you please let me know when this place comes” she smiled and assured me she would. My eyes were on high alert to find the Cheetahs standing majestically on a circle. When I saw it pass by my heart was in my mouth, I almost shouted and showed the passing Cheetahs to the lady, the lady called for the driver and stopped the bus. Thanking her I got down from the crowded bus. Wow, that was fun I thought.

Lying down on my bed, tossing and turning, sleep was far away, head throbbing with pain, I closed my eyes and laid there listening to music flowing from the next bunker bed, but nothing could soothe me. ”Will that bad headache continue tomorrow, reporting day of my trek” I didn’t want that. I was woken up as new faces walked in.

I met a solo biker from Bangalore who had been on the road from quite some time. I met some more, some good people who spoke about their journey, their bike rides, and their next destination. “Why the heck didn’t I do this before” I asked myself. Travelling and meeting stranger’s changes your perspective of life

It was getting darker when I went down to fill my water bottle. People were chilling out, playing cards, talking, planning next stop, the atmosphere was set for the place. I met Dhruvin , who was excited  about the places he visited with one of the hostel mates.  We decided to go for dinner and he invited his friend along.

Almost 6 feet tall, dressed casually, face covered in muffler, she looked at home and not from Switzerland. One of the solo travelers like me I thought. But as she started to talk about the places she had visited, countries she had been to, the gun point incident, the knife mark on her leg, I was dumbstruck. In other words, she is the most bad-ass woman I have ever bumped into and hell yeah, I was glad. Her humble attitude is what got my attention she had travelled to Sri Lanka-loves their coconut curry, Madagascar-swam with the shark, Tanzania, South Africa-where she was held at gun point , half of the Europe, Australia, and so many others, I couldn’t keep account of them all. She has already covered most of India and she loves it that’s the reason she keeps coming back, she says. Corporate lawyer by profession, she was working for big client who runs the banks in Switzerland, but as she realized her passion was in travelling the world, she quit her job to pursue this passion. With the love for travel and I must add the guts to travel the world on her own, she’s probably pursuing her passion in the best possible way. The way she narrated her struggle to reach where she is now, her 6 jobs while she was in college, her “Insecurities-I don’t give a damn” attitude, her family, her wild, free spirit, her encounters with the world’s top influential people(like Obama, Oprah..) I was engrossed in her stories, all the while wishing and praying, I will remember every single word. It was almost 1:00AM and I wasn’t ready to go to bed yet. She was still talking, and I wanted nothing but to listen to her. Other hostel residents were dancing on some hindi songs and chilling, I just couldn’t be bothered. Ladina was her name, glad I met such a great personality. Hope she remembers me like I remember her.

When I hit the bed that night it was 2.AM, except for the few farts from my fellow dorm-mates and few others who were still partying the atmosphere around was winding down for the night . The day couldn’t have been better I thought.

P.S:Thank you SH for editing and for your flowery words

              To Be Continued..

First Monsoon Trek- Kurinjal

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Local trek though I was super excited for my first monsoon trek.

So what, it was just another place in Karnataka, I was looking forward to get drenched in rain and walk. Did anyone mentioned leeches until then? no, never. One look at their crawling body and I went crazy. “Never ever again I am going to trek in monsoon” I vowed and nature was my witness.

Lush greenery was mocking when we were screaming and running away from the blood sucking leeches.

They are just amateur weekend fun seekers, not trekkers. Dont judge them by their umbrellas

We could see and feel the wrath of mother nature

We walked pulling the creep leeches from our shoes.

The unseen life beyond the oblivion.

Kurinjal peakWindy though we walked carefully, holding the grass, rock for support

May be I will trek the place again to see the real face masked behind this rock

Never ending search.

Strangers we meet on the trail, never remain strangers.

The crazy descend begins.

Mind blowing isnt it.

Legend says, on full moon day when moon dances in the sky casting his spell on earth, unseen women dance on the roof of this broken house. (See I am good at making stories)

Climbing any tough peak is no big deal for these code writing nerds

Where men follow a girl with umbrella it becomes legendary.

Yes, we did it. We survived the leech bites, crazy wind and slippery rocks

Kalu, Belli, Julie and Jimmy. The shop keeper totally has 6 dogs and he doesnt mind having more.

Kalu seemed very sleepy. I was very much tempted to put one dog in my bag and take it home.

Belli giving mental support for the distress trekkers beaten by leeches.

Spectacular view in the evening.

Small, old house of Shankarnna was filled with joy, laughter and happiness that evening. His down to earth attitude, rich sense of humor made me feel at home.

No I didnt sleep till 8 like other ladies, Sankanranna’s song to his buffaloes was my alarm at that day. Up at 6.30, I was singing the same buffalo song whole day.  He reminded me of my neighbor Duggapanna who used to and still wrap a piece of cloth round his waist. As a kid I always wonder what we will see if Dugapannas piece of cloth drops but to my disappointment, the tiny knot held on to its life and I never got to see the unseen.


Shankarannas humble adobe


My cute, button like, small but smart guide Sristi. Even though she looks small, tiny-winy, she is in 6th standard. One look at her and you will fall in love with her.

Some advice from Shankarnna to build some abs and 6 packs

Saying hi to God like always in style

The cute little friend we met on the way back home.

Its easy trek or rather I would say easy walk except for the steep, windy peak. If you are visiting Kurinjal in monsoon be ready for leeches, no I didnt like them so as other fellow trekkers but that’s what make the trek more memorable? But there is different joy walking in rain enjoying it, feeling it singing song you never learnt from any movies. Shankarnna who provides the shelter and food for the trekkers is an awesome guy. Farmer though his sense of humor is intact, super cool guy. If you want to get away from your annoying, stressing job,pack your bags and hop on  hashitenerary ( because it is totally worth it.


The famous dancer from the mountains.

One last time when our bagged were waiting for the mules

Perfect farewell gift by Mohith.

When he danced with his heart even the mountains gaped at his moves in silence

He had all the trekkers glued to his sleazy moves

They cook food, boil the water, wash the utensils , in one word they take care of us with smile on their face.

Morning talks, I am gonna miss the most

We would have parted our ways but they will be remembered for their service.

Burnt face, limping walk, dirt accumulated body and priceless experience

Not Poop!!!Dirt in your nails is last thing you have to worry.

Hope one day I can trek like them, fast, firm, fearless and passionate.

They may not be trekkers but they had time of their life. Singing, shouting, eating fefda. By the end of the trek I started “cho’ing” every sentence. “Kemcho, maja marcho” was my classic. You can imagine the impact they had on me.

Bedni Bugyal

One look around and your spirits are lifted up to the sky by the colorful flowers

Bedni Bugyal

Be a man or woman its your passion matters and not the gender.

“Careful Madam” is all they said when I was descending. Unlike city men they didnt ask my name, phone number, age, status rather they smiled and waved. They didnt walk they ran like a carefree deer.

Rhododendron break, I gulped three glass of juice shamelessly. Thirstier than the black crow  from my 1st book I was.

Small place though but the lunch they served was delicious.

Spelling who cares when you can smell the food

Wan Village starts from here. Last, final stretch of our trek. Last day trek 15KM in one shot!!!!

Mayank with his sister Gauri on the way back from school

When I asked their permission to click picture they were all happy and smiles. Its almost wise to ask their permission before clicking their picture. We trek, explore their place and intrude their privacy. Most of the aged people doesnt like to be clicked.

didi, Chocolate” is all they ask

Nothing can compete with priceless nature

Wan Village, its pretty, peaceful and soothing.

Yeah we did it without braking bones or mule ride.

Thank you Trek The Himalayas, you have been a good companion and organizer

I was limping, had blisters when I reached the Wan Village from where we had to Travel to Lohajung by Jeep. I was happy to be back to civilization, warm bath, good food. I was and still mesmerized by the people from mountains, they dont have wants like us, they have just basic needs. Their beyond worth innocence makes you question about your way of living. They might be poor but its their purity in nature makes them millionaire.

After one day when I landed in Bangalore I was missing the mountains, The Himalays, the wind, the cold weather, the trail, the dirt, the mules, people from mountain, my trek mates, guides. I am glad mountains called me and I went to them.

Feel free to drop me a mail if you need any tips on “Things to carry on Roopkund trek(Summer)”. I may not be a professional trekker yet but i am sure I will be one soon. my email id

Some Tips who never shares:

-Tie your hair, last thing you want to do is un-knot is your hair in the wind

-Pack Skinnies, very usefull.

-Pick the right trekking shoes. Remember they have to be spacious, comfortable and relaxing like your underwear .

-Make sure nails are trimmed.

-Go With a open mind.

-Carry stationeries, sweets, you can give it to Wan Village Kids.

-Be nice to guides, organizers and people you meet on trek.

-Respect the nature, the mountains and dont litter.

-What to pack, what not to pack, Google can tell you better than me 🙂

Read below to know how the journey started


EPIC journey ends here

Even though  I was inside my sleeping bag at 7, turning, slipping, rarely I could sleep, the excitement, nervousness, not to forget the crazy wind and cold was keeping me awake. Did I tell you what is the most difficult task when you are on trek?getting into the sleeping ,sleeping in it and getting out of it when it is freezing cold outside. When you turn, the sleeping bag slips and again you have to adjust yourself in the right place. How I hated the sleeping bag but hey thats the only thing kept me warm, I had issues with it but yeah, I learned to compromise. One among the many lessons learnt on the mountains.

I was up at 1;30, before the wake up call. It was bone chilling outside the tent. Some trekkers were already on their way to the summit, could see the train of head lamps moving. With head lamps on I struggled to find a spot to water, not even the mountains could have seen me in that pitch dark.

I drank some water , may be little bit more I wanted the Fu***** oxygen level to be pumping high in body. I ate the maggi they served, I went for the second serve thinking I need the all energy this tiny lifeless thread could give. With harness, gaiters, woolen glause  and snow spikes I felt like an astronaut getting ready for the rocket launch in Mars. I was saying my prayers drinking water. I didnt had the energy to empty my bladder before we leave with all the new fancy accessories on. Man oh Man; slippery trail, melting ice, non stop commands from mountaineers not to stop and the annoying head lamp, yeah we were on. I dont know what had gotten into me, I walked and walked, never stopping like a woman who is possessed.

It wasnt easy especially to walk on the ice as it was our first time. The sun was just rising up and we were late. you see you have to reach the summit before 7 and leave around 8, before the sun rises because ice melts and trail becomes slippery. As we were late technical team ordered us to speed up.Couple of our trek mates couldnt go further and went back. I felt bad for them but I was glad I was not one among them. On the way we could see one girl, victim of ACM with a guide. It is very common but it scares the shit out of you.

Even though I am a photo freak I didnt take my phone out, It was cold and I let others take picture for a change and enjoyed my walk. My bladder was already on red signal and that was my another worry.

The famous Roopkund. We couldnt go down, our technical team let us as it was already 8. The Kund has its own history filled with adventure

Yes I did it, I did it, I did it…..

There I was at the top, summit and I was going crazy not with joy but with tension. My bladder was at the edge with its siren on. I searched around desperately, walked around and then found a place but men were there talking. I wouldnt have done this but like a small kid I lifted my hand and showed my small pinky finger. They just walked away giving me my most needed privacy. Was I shamed hell na, I was proud because I peed on the summit, yes, I did it:)and I still cant stop talking about it.

Some wanted their lone time in the Kund.

People were going bonkers at the summit.

This guy stripped (only shirt) to make his achievement more memorable. He had taken dip in the icy cold water on Chadhar Trek. Some hard core adventurer he is, glad I met him.

When you want trek, trek with Trek the Himalayas(TTH). They organize the things very nicely.

Sun was dancing high in the sky and we started our journey back. We walked and walked it took us some time to understand how much we had walked in the dawn. Ice was melting, sun was mocking and we were tired but we had go on. Couple of minutes break, “Little bit more, come on up on your feet” orders and we were back on our feet.

The great Pushkargi, should see the man trek. He never stops unless to its required. He is man of adventure and down to earth.

oh Yeah DSLRS were everywhere so as the creative photographers. Wonder how they carried them, the trail, the back pack on your back and this extra weight. May be passion is all you need.

Getting the gear ready for the return journey

We were back at the base camp around lunch time, all i wanted was to lie down and rest but they didnt let me. I wasnt feeling all that great but yeah i had long distance to cover. I started walking, ahead of everyone. I wanted a long, very long break.

Mules tail captivated me, its hair was so straight and sexy, I always craved to have such lovely hair.I was soo tempted to touch it, “will kick you if you touch” warning stopped me there.

Base camp

Maggi point at Bhagwabasa

Base camp is busy as any other market which is lively through out the day


This gentleman is unstoppable, hard core trekker and yeah he is reason many could make it to the summit. He is the motivator.

Making memories and capturing it forever.

My sun pooped face

I made couple of good friends who walked at a great speed. Most of them had done couple of famous treks and me, the country village girl had nothing to boast about until then.

It was unfortunate to be on mule on that trail. If you are not keeping well then you dont have any other option you just have to be on mules back and remember your grandfather while bile rises in your mouth.

They are ones who makes out journey most memorable, their graceful walk, jingling sound made by their bell around their neck, not to forget their dry dung scattered all over the mountains, their hard work for which they will never get credit. They are the true unsung heroes of the mountains.

The guy has no fear, doesnt feel cold, doesnt care about the wind.

Finally we were back at PatarNachauni at 3. I slept for a while. As next day was the last day of our trek we were allowed to sleep and do whatever we liked but we couldnt as it was cold and windy. There were the other trekkers who were lost seeing out happy smiling faces. We easily could recognize the scared worried look as we were in their place few days back. We had the same viva like how it was, how many made it, is it snowing….We ensured them everything will be alright like how the previous group ensured us. When you are in mountains that is what you have to do, be always encouraging and supportive.

When the twinkling stars were dancing in the sky I was sleeping . For the first time I had peaceful sleep except for the occasional barks of Blacky.


To be continued…