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Face Off

Posted: May 7, 2018 in From Bangalore's Street

Yeah, it’s real and not photoshopped

On a summery sweaty evening, it was Eugo who greeted me with cute smile, friendly approach and crazy bark. I am sure, soon Chumbak will make him their brand ambassador for PERSONAL CARE.

Morning Walks are fun because I can meet my friends from the street. I look forward for my walks because I can meet that sexy, brown colored, enchantress who can’t stop wiggling her tail on seeing my dad. Little time though it feels like heaven

I found my love on the street of Bnagalore, so don’t underestimate the power of street.

One Friday Evening

Posted: March 16, 2018 in From Bangalore's Street

Camera Shy

Posted: March 12, 2018 in From Bangalore's Street

When the whole world is clicking selfies, pouting, bragging about their happiness, there is someone who is shy to face even the camera

Its 9:45, sun is up, flies and birds are busy,freshly fried Vada is just dipped in the sambar, rich-peoples-high-breed-dogs have coloured the street with their poop, people are running to their office to read-delete, overly-filled mailbox, sales girls from famous jewellery shops are trying to walk fast maintaining their swan like, graceful walk, while busy talking to the mouthpiece of their headphones, garbage collecting van is waiting to swallow up the dirt of whole city with its mighty jaws, labourers are trying their level best to give a sexy-weighed-down look to the stinking-dirty church street road, waiters are glaring at the passerby, standing in front of their restaurant they work for, bracing them-self for another busy day, security guards are lost in their dream land imagining but eyes are all focused on the road while I still sleep with my butt flat on the floor. Are you jealous of me? Dont be, day time I guard my store with broad smile on my face , wagging my tail and night I guard my store grunting my teeth trying to see the invisible. Ever seen any hard working pet like me.

Feel free to stop by my store, it opens only after my nap time. Tada!