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Alan:Bangles, rings  what else girls love?

Aloma: “Nails dumbo, we love our nails”

Alan:”I love nails too ”

Aloma: “You cant because you are a boy”

Aloma: “Looks pretty sexy yeah!”

Alan: “I want them too”

Aloma: “I cant stop admiring them”

Alan: “So what I am boy, I want them too”

Aloma: “Nothing can beat million dollar smile with perfect nails”

Alan:cries “Please, give me some”

Aloma: “you takes Rum’s(dog) nails”

Aloma: “Minions, they brighten your life”

Aloma: “Do I look like a poser, thanks to my aunt”

Aloma: Bag full of chocolates and nails embraced with minions what else a girl want?

Aloma: “Even boys like them”

Alan:”yes, I love minion”

Aloma:”I cant get enough of minions, I do that sometimes to scare my little brother”

Alan: “Dont I look pretty with purpuly purpuly nails. No I dont like the hairband.”

Alan:”I look prettier than you”

Aloma:”You look like mankod(monkey)”

Alan: “No, I am lovable teddy bear”

Aloma:” Teddy bear amba’s dung. You look like ugly bear”

SnL: “Dont overact, give me natural pose”

Aloma: “SnL,What you mean by over-acting?

SnL: Frustrated, “my head”

SnL: “Over-acting means posing like mankod,(monkey) be natural, bring out the best in you”

Aloma: “Will nails do?”


SnL:”Can you stand on that stool””

Aloma: “Dont make me do things which are risky, how about this mitai-ful”

Aloma: “Nails, color and glitters”

Aloma: “I am a rock star, see me raise and shine”

Alna: “You are puski star”

Aloma: “What makes perfect picture?nails, color and pout”

Alan: “You meant dukaor(pig) face?”

Alan:” Purpuly purpuly, I love purple”


SnL: Listen Alan, You are Hanuman today, shed your clothes quick.

Alan: “SnL and her crazy ideas” Alan murmurs.

SnL: “What did you say”

Alan: “I was saying, where are the clothes I cant find them” and roles his eyes


SnL: “Swing the gada and say “Oh Asura” in loud steady voice”

Alan: says”Ohh Asula” with all his tiny voice.

Aloma and SnL laughs heartily

SnL: “Its not Asula, Its AsuRa”

Alan: “Oh Asura”

Aloma: “Asura re Asura, not Asula”


Alan: “Wait my dhoti is falling”


Aloma: “hope you are wearing your under pants inside”

Alan:”Not sure, Can you check”

Aloma :”sheee, dirty fellow,I am not going to check”


Alan: “My tail is so long”

Aloma: “I can give a hand with that. I love stamping tails”


Aloma :”Make Hanuman face re”

Alan: “Show me how?”

Aloma: “Like Hmmm”


Alan: “Ohh Asura”

SnL: “Cut, cut cut, you cant proceed with the dialogues just make face and show the tail that should be fine”

Alan: “I will kill all of them with my pose” thinks in mind


Aloma :”take eat this laddu”

Alan: “What is this Aloma, this is not laddu”

Aloma: “Shut up and pose, dont question my orders, you understood”

SnL: Winks at Aloma and both smile


SnL : “You have to fly now, shake your leg yeah like that”

Alan: “Susu Coming, Can I go Please?”

SnL : “no susu break, if you fuss will bring the stick”


SnL: “Yeah, that’s better”

Alan :”Its urgent SnL, please let me go”

SnL: “If I let you go when you come back your clothes will be soaking in your susu”


Alan: “I think I just peed”

SnL: “Omg, You are one dirty fellow”

Aloma: “Mummy, Hanuman peed in his pants”


Alan : “Wow its a heavenly feeling”


Alan Lobo: “Pout, how does those girls manage!”


Alan Lobo: “You dont have to be on water to feel like Jack Dawson”


Alan Lobo: “That flirtatious look, heart warming smile…I am learning to steal, steal hearts.”


Alan Lobo :”Who said only Salman Khan can flaunt his momos, even I can. ”


Alan Lobo:”6 packs coming soon”


knights watch

SnL:”You are going to join knight watch, you gonna be a crow”

Alan Lobo: “What I have to do SnL?”

SnL:”You have to take oath of celibacy, guard the wall like John Snow”

Alan Lobo : “Nooooooooooooo, I want to get married and make babies.If you fancy that “knows nothing guy” you join the knights watch”


Aloma Lobo: “Sit still you frog, dont move”

Alan Lobo : “Remove this shit, its itching”

Aloma Lobo :”dont move, you moron, listen to your elder sister”


Aloma Lobo: “Look how pretty you look, wait for sometime”

Alan Lobo :”heeeeeeeeeeee”


Aloma Lobo :”When I grow up I am going to open a beauty Salon with SnL. Girls and boys all are welcome, so you dont have to worry”

Alan Lobo: “What, after 10th fail you are going to open a saloon?”

Aloma Lobo :”shut up you rascal, dont underestimate power of a woman”

Alan Lobo: “Saloon my bum”blured1

Aloma Lobo : sings “lalalal, lalala, my little brother Alan Lobo, eats idly bobo”

Alan Lobo: grumbling”Should never born as younger brother”


Aloma Lobo: “Pass me the clip”

Alan Lobo: “You cant make customer work”

Aloma Lobo: “shhhhh, you are my little brother”


Grandpa: “Wowie you look so pretty”

Alan Lobo : “dont pinch me Grandpa, it hurts”

Aloam Lobo :”Look you look like my twin sister”


Aloma Lobo :”One last final touch”

Alan Lobo: “Never ever be the younger brother”


Aloam Lobo : “You feel proud to have me as your elder sister, Ill make sure you always look pretty”


Aloma Lobo: “Feel free to contact me for fashion tips. I am a fashion freak”


Alan Lobo: “Girls have to go through so much pain while dressing, matching hair band, matching ear ring and then posing…Uff, its such a difficult job”


Alan Lobo:” I love the skirts especially, full air conditioning below down there:)”


Alan Lobo: “Roses, who doesn’t love them?I just cant stop kissing them”


Alan Lobo:”I can pose with my skirt as well but I still have to master one more art. “Art of pouting”


Alan Lobo:”I am learning the toughest thing its not easy to make your face look like monkey but I am a tough kid”


Alan Lobo:”I dont know how does my sister manages it to pose, my neck already hurts”


Alan Lobo: “After all this dressing up, juggling with matching colors, ear ring, hair clips and my sisters shoes its worth posing, can you complain on my looks?

Please Note: “If you are looking for page boy, flower girl for your wedding contact my manager “My crazy aunt” and she will walk through the procedure. I charge 2 KG of gummy bear, 3 KG of dark chocolates (that’s for my aunt) and 2 KG of chewing gum for appearance.

I am Alan, 3 years and one month, youngest in my family, still enjoying the freedom of roaming without wearing my underpants and farting in public.
I got a crazy aunt who is still enjoying her days without harness. As she doesn’t like me addressing her as aunt I am privileged to call her by name. When people raise their eyes, “you call your aunt by her name” she chuckles and says “that’s alright, he have my blessing”

IMG_20150906_114311895I am not big fan of her like my sister Aloma but I love her. You should see them both giggling, talking, bitching about me, pinching my cheeks when my mommy is not around. It annoys me when they bully me as a gang but that’s ok, I am kind of used to it now. IMG_20151002_111839288

She takes us for walk holding our hands showing us the bird or the monkey. When we are lost in the beauty of nature she leaves us, the two small kids there and runs home, we scream when we find that we are left alone and follow her crying “wait for us SnL”.

She might be around 1,2 3,4, 7,8, to be honest I really don’t know her age. With infinite wedding talks around I am sure she is old enough.




Sometimes I am a farmer, sometimes Lord Krishna, the ruler exposing my chest, momo and sometimes Spider man. I dress not according to my taste but according to her wish.


Her obsession with spikes and I am the prey. She doesn’t have a clue how much pain I take to grow that thick black hair.


When me and my sister end up fighting with each other she demands for a explanation, but when we both confuse her with our innocent explanation and teddy bear smile she whacks both of us and tells “Do that one more time and I will call the black dog he will come and eat you”(told you she is wicked). There was a time I used to get scared of black dog but not anymore, because the dog is dead and she still doesn’t know.


During afternoon nap we fight for for the space and the blanket on grandpa’s bed we three fight. On the edge of the bed she acts as talking wall tickling us, giggling. When she is in good mood she tells us the story with pre-warning to keep our eyes closed . When I ask “Why Cinderellas stepmother was mean to her?”she beats me and tells “close your eyes and that little mouth of yours, no talking, its sleeping time “.


We have a doll named after her. We feed her, bath her and when we are pissed we beat the shit out of her.


So what she knows what we like,reindeer headbands ,spider man dress, Barbie doll, gummy bears, tamarind chocolate, jelly beans but she cant take my innocence and inability to raise voice for granted. After all I am boy with my tiny whiny needs and a large share of male-ego.


 She demands a  “SORRY” from me when I burp in front of her saying something about “man-nn-arse”. Her training session is on 24/7, “Good morning” to “Good night kiss”. Its funny to see her apologizing when she makes mistakes. When we irritate RUM pulling his tail and ear she tells us to stop politely if she is in good mood and pulls my hair and ear and asks “How your feeling now?” when she is in bad mood.
You might have a aunt but definitely not like her, crazy, dominating and bossy. I want to grow up as soon as possible, as tall as coconut tree and teach her a lesson.


Alan: “Don’t go back to Singapore, stay here with me”

Daren : “Why, whats special about this place?”


Alan :”you can play outdoors, roll on the floor like wild pig”

Daren :”Is it safe to do that?”

Aloma : “Fear, my darling is your enemy. Look at us and learn”


Alan: “You can feed the Ambaas(cow), drink fresh milk”

Daren :” Interesting, I love milk, I love cow too”


Alan: “We can start up golibaje business”

Daren: “wowie, I will be the salesman”

Alan: “Whatever you want, It will be fun”


Alan: “We can kiss ladies anytime we want. They will never say no”

Daren : “I love ladies and I love kissing them”


Alan: “When you are bored, you can always visit beach, pick sea shells and have sun bath”

Daren :”Its very tempting”


Alan: “We can work in fields, sing loudly, yell at each other without caring the neighbors”

Daren :”Wow, I am thinking. My throat is so dry, I want some water.Are you thirsty?”

Alan :”Yeah bro.”


Daren :”Water boy, come here, My friend and I, are thirsty”

Alan: “Watch out your tongue, your dad might knock out some of your milk teeth”

Daren :”No worries bro, my dad is my best friend”


Alan: “And my crazy sister Aloma, will be always there”

Daren : blushes, “Wow, Definitely I am staying”


Alan:”When we are bored we can play chikubuku-chikubuku train with teacher maushi, she is more fun”

Daren :”Awesooome, I am madly in love with chikubuku-chikubuku train”



Daren :”Dada”

MD: raises his eyebrows,”What happened to the water boy?”

Daren : “Dada listen, can we stay here, its so pretty. Fresh air, clean water I am in love with this place”

MD: “And in love beautiful girl! . Keep quiet and pack your bags, your school  awaits.  ”

Daren :”Oh dada, I don’t want to go”