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She Is Who She Is

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She is compassionate, loveable, powerful

She is a home maker, developer and pace maker

She visits space and flies jumbo jets

She fights for justice and helps the needy

She is an author, baker and singer

She is a hostess in air, on water and on soil

She is who she is

She is a mother, a sister, a wife

She is a woman

Wish you happy women’s day today and every day

I was very small when I watched Ikala Kambala years back with my dad, I was his tail back then. This time when I pleaded my dad to accompany me he said no saying “girls dont go to watch it, anyways I am busy I cant come”. Direct “NO”, didnt stop me from visiting the Kambala. I booked a auto and went on my own, listening to my mom rapping “girls dont  go, cant you listen to your father, …”. I wasn’t surprise to see many women sitting and enjoying the sunny Sunday watching the Kambala. Lairs!

Slushy paddy filed track in which buffaloes run with their handler.

Getting ready for their race

The race is always intense. The buffaloes which compete in Kambala are taken care like babies. The food they eat, the bath take is always monitored carefully. Those buffaloes sole purpose is to run in this slushy muddy water and win the race.

The race is always intense till the nth minute

The handler who runs with buffaloes apparently runs barefoot, by the end of the day the skin peels off from his feet.

Many people will be there to help the buffaloes and the handler. They try to calm the buffaloes and get them ready for the race

One minute their are calm and second minute they are restless

They are focused and dont have time to look at a silly and smile for the photo

On my request they posed like a family.

Its goes on and on. Sometimes one pait is ready while other is not, by the time both the pairs are ready 2o minutes would have passed

And the great photo bomber.

Buffaloes are oiled, bathed like bride grooms before the race. One cant stop envying seeing their shiny skin. Dont even ask about the muscles, its just perfect. And those handlers, they have 6 packs without even seeing the face of GYM:)

Buffaloes with their handler. I am sure all three of them have a nice understanding after all its a team work

White, orange or pink anything for the big day, no one gives a rats ass about stains.

For the special day their are decorated with all fancy ornaments

Its always a chaos before the race back there, one need lots of patience and zeal to watch the race

When the buffaloes run people forget everything and just watch the beauty of the race

I was holding the breath, seeing them run.

Isn’t he a cutie. I was almost tempted to take him home with me.

It was exciting to sleep in a tent but not in the coop of loud snores. It looked like there is competition in snoring, literally. Except for the tents occupied by women almost all tents had snoring source, loud, louder and loudest. I was so tempted to get up and throw a shoe on the adjacent tent. Boy of Boy, even Kumbakarna wouldn’t have snored like that dude.

“What did you tell about the girl dude, say again. I know that girl from long time”

“Tell me, what did you tell about the girl”, he was demanding for an answer now, followed by rattling sound inside the tent. In the pin drop silent night, definitely except for the snores, even moths were silent, when I could hear two guys, definitely college kids, having a argument over a girl.

“I know her better than you macha, are you gonna hit me, go ahead, hit me” and then rattling sound from inside the tent. It was 2 AM in the morning, even sun wouldn’t have woke up from his deep slumber, to be ready for his early chores. Given a chance those guys would have started a war, torn each others chest, just to show their ego. Creatures with bells!!

Darn, how i wanted to get up from my sleeping bag, go there and whack those boys. Those bozoes were still arguing, telecasting from their radio station. It went on and on.

“Hit me, go ahead hit me”, It sounded intense, I almost put on specs, pushed my bedsheet, enough is enough, when a stud firm male voice, which would have rocked whole Sandlewood Industry said “What is this guys, in middle of the night, you have girls companion with you, be responsible, there are so many people who are trying to sleep…” It sounded like gyan but I like the stability in his voice

“sorry sir, we will go to sleep” a weak, guilty voice assured

The firm voice continued “Learn to be responsible, it is not only you who are on the trek..”, defiantly gyan. If I would have gone to talk this tent, there would have been a sea of laughter for my gyan would have started “In midst of  this snores, when we are trying to sleep, what problem you having sir……”

“Sorry sir, Sorry Sir, we will go back to sleep” guilty voice sounded more guilty by then.

When everything went silent the guy in adjacent tent started his varieties of snores, some point like boiling water and some point like the bubble traversing to the top of water surface. I have heard only my dad’s and dog’s snoring which are almost similar. But this guy was different, , must tell he had talent. Finally when I was able to sleep It was dawn

Early sun rays when kissing the earth

Try to start the trek to the peak as soon as possible. Once the sun is up its bit difficult.

Carry only the essentials, water, a hat, snickers(chocolates), dates, lots of energy and a attitude that “You can Do It’

Trek looks easy but it isn’t. There was this one guy who had to go back because of the blisters he got on his feet.

We met few girls on the trek, who said “they couldn’t make it to the peak so they are going back”. I felt sorry for them. Life might give you second chance but you have to make it most of it when its first.

Sun was up early, happily welcoming us with wide open itchy rays.

Vishwa Nayaka

We met a group of men who were trekking bare feet, its never been about fancy things for them.

She followed us till the top. I tried to bribe her feeding the biscuits to be by my side but she kept on changing her companions. She knew the ways better than everyone,later i got to know she treks to the peak every day, following the trekkers.

And I give you “The Lion King”

Guys I tell you!

I dont know why I felt it like Ashok Vatika(Where Kidnapped Sita was kept). It was hot, shady and kind of magical.

Climbing was easy but not the descend.

Even it looked tempting no one had the guts to  pluck one and eat:)

Finally the peak!!.

God has to be there everywhere, even on the top of KP.

Humans are the only one living intelligent but stupid creature who can ruin anything, even the environment. We tried our level best to give something back to the nature by picking the plastics, tissue papers, biscuit wrappers.

She knows her way too well.

The trek was mixture of everything, we had sloppy trails, rocky trails and then the trail through the sheltering forest, trail filled with sharp stones. When our bottles ran out of drinking water, we drank fresh, icy cold water rushed through the mountain. There wasn’t a sad or dull moment on the trek. When it was silent somebody fell or somebody picked interesting topic to discuss

While descending I fell many times that I started to slide holding the grass for support saying “Where There Is A Will, There Is  a Way”

The trek back to Subramanya was crazy. we were at Bhattara manae, it was already 5 and  getting dark. Imagine carrying your heavy bag, sleeping bags and descending. It was freaking me out and driving me crazy. Some one gave a wooden stick and then the descend began or you say the race. That was one crazy stretch I walked , without taking a break, sweating head to toe. While moon laughed at me when I stumbled every minute, I still kept walking.When you walk 20KM’s in a day you can see the magic of your feet saying “stop” in its own way. Still I walked. I was thirsty, tired but nothing could stop me. To add to the cart my bad was calling me like super crazy as if I have to send him the OTP or else his bank transaction will fail.

I  met some college kids on my descend, who were nice enough to illuminate the trail with their torch and wait for me until I complete one step followed by one Hail Mary.

There was a moment I felt I cant make it without breaking my bones but when I finally reached the location I was over the same mocking moon drinking cokum back to back while sweat poured down my face. When I removed my shoes there were blisters on my feet smiling at me. Some souvenir’s will become part of you on your journey. My dad had the beat the record by his 21 missed calls.

That night we had dinner in Kukkae subramanya temple, it was different, tasty.

When we reached Bangalore, next morning, most of them were limping. My legs were screaming with every step I took, so definitely it was a sick leave. F*** the trek I screamed for 3 to 4 days, but when the pain finally said bye i was a happy person. KP was stroked out of the list

Some handy Tips:

-Carry only the essentials:No one is going to see your teddy bear print night dress.  Try to pack minimal because we have to carry all that stuff like a donkey till Bhattara Manae.

-Try not to eat Green Gram, ladies finger, dal, chickpea or any other kind of thunder causing veggies. If you are not so “poop-anywhere-anytime” person, think before you eat.

-You can bath but considering the queues and surroundings its best you keep your dust for yourself for two days.

-Carry nuts, dates, snickers and any instant energy boosting snacks.

-Pain killers, sprays and necessary tablets

-Its better you carry chapathi’s and jam will be handy if you want to start the trek to the peak early in the morning. If you are dependent on Bhattara breakfast sun will be risen and dancing on the top of your head by the time you start your trek.

-Make sure you pick the right shoes, they are going to be closer than your sweetheart for the next couple of days.

-If you find any walking stick, grab it and dont lose it until you complete your trek.

-Be responsible and dont litter, if you cant clean the nature you dont have the right to spoil it, keep you hancy-fancy garbage to yourself. We know you like plastic but nature doesn’t

-Bhattara mane food is cheap but doesnt mean that you can waste it. His maintenance is poor but dont take it for granted.

-Try to minimise your snores for couple of days, remember there are people who dont snore around.

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