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Years have passed since I last saw Rex’s adorable face with sharp eyes and tiny irregular teeth. He was a white Pomeranian cross, this meant he was just a spunky, affectionate ball of fluff , sans the distinct Pomeranian barks, that can wake the dead from the grave. And for that we must thank his mother, for choosing the right partner to bring Rex into this world. His mom, Sweety was a typical Pomeranian dog, with her temperamental issues and her “I am Pom, I am white, I am pretty, get in line” attitude. She was tiny but with the most vicious teeth, she even tried to bite me a few times  when I was still a kid. But yeah, she gave birth to one of the finest pups and so I could always overlook her flaws.

Unlike his mother Rex was down to earth, playful and so very loveable. My aunt got him when he was two months old, along with his brother Roy. As a kid it would amaze me to just watch them come gleefully running toward my aunt, as she would call them to come back , after they had been let loose for their “go-do-your business” time. She would call them by their names,  Rex-Roy, Roy-Rex and no matter where they were and what they were doing the call was enough to get their attention, unlike kids these days who don’t budge from their E-gadgets. Sadly when Roy was 2 years old he passed away, a bone got stuck in his throat and unfortunately no one could do anything about it.

My aunt got other dogs, but Rex remained my favorite. To this day the sight of him standing on his hind legs while my aunt gave him a bath remains etched in my memory, as if it were saved in AWS cloud. Scrubbing him with the locally made “Kasturi” soap would bring out the natural snowy white color of his fur, and the his wiggling of excess water and thus splashing it across our faces. of course, in just matter of minutes he would get rolling in the mud and the snowy white would turn into a muddy brown. Nonetheless, it was magical.

 He would accompany me, whenever I visited the nearby orphanage to play with kids. Curious dog loving kids would ask me his name,  I would say “Rex” and some of them couldn’t pronounce it right and  would repeat “Rusk, nice name” “Come here Rusk” , I would silently  watch Rex, running carefree, smiling, playing around  and occasionally looking out for me. Sometimes he would leave me on my own and go on his extra “meet-my-friends” rounds.

During the mating season we hardly let him loose but he had plenty of escape-tricks up his sleeves to be tied down the entire season, he would wiggle, roll or even bite his way out of his collar, and if that didn’t work out he would use all his strength to run away along with the leash. With his white fur, he would obviously outstand in the gang of other male dogs and I assume had better chances with the ‘ladies’ of the dog world than the rest of them. There were times when Lalithakka, our maid had to go the Kinnigoli market to get Rex back. I would go bonkers worrying about him every time he ran away to Kinnigoli, 2KM away from house, chasing his lady friend.

My aunt’s neighbor Carmen aunty and Johnny uncle had a cream colored female dog called Julie. I am not sure which breed was she of but with her trimmed tail, small button like eyes, well built body she always looked like the meanest dog to me. The one thing Rex feared in this world was Julie. When Julie was still a pup,  Rex and Roy showed their male dominance by biting her and  that’s probably the reason Julie hated Rex, well at least according to my aunt. Also, I had heard from a few grown-ups that Julie couldn’t bear any pups, and maybe the frustration of it all contributed to her hostility toward Rex. So, whenever Rex saw Julie he would, quite literally, run with his tail tucked between his legs and hide, happily giving up every bit of his male ego. However, there were times when Rex would stand his ground against Julie, needless to say it was only when my aunt was around because he was sure she would chase Julie away and he wouldn’t have to do a thing. Sometimes when I saw Julie around, I would search for Rex and if he was nearby, I would shout “Run Rex, Run”.

Like Rex even I was scared of Julie, she would come close to me, sniff me and give me those “I-am-gonna-get-you” look which made me  almost pee in my pants with fear. Every time she would come to our house following Johnny uncle she would start sniffing and pee around like it’s her own house. And then occasionally visit our balcony where Rex would  be asleep without a care in the world, 4 legs up in the air, slightly snoring ,she would attack him and leave a mark or two. Then my aunt would have to heal Rex back to health. He was not big fan of the ointments or tablets, then again who is.

I still remember the day we had been to a 7.00AM mass, it was my uncle’s  death anniversary. When we left, Rex was tied up on the balcony and when we came back Rex was lying in the pool of blood with wounds all over his body. That day my polite aunt lost all her calm and gave an earful to our neighbors,  even I wanted to go and hit Julie on her head with a big stick until she dropped dead. Rex had a tough time, but with my aunts care and love he was cherished back to health in no time. Following  this began the “missing-days”. He would go on his rounds to meet his new ex-girlfriends and would be away for nights together while my aunt worried to death.

To me, he was always my knight in shining armor though, whenever my aunt was away in the evening, I would bring him into the hall and lock the door until my aunt returned.

Time passed and one fine day Julie passed away, it was the happiest day as far as  Rex and I were concerned, our common enemy was finally down. Not sure what happened to her and I didn’t bother asking about it either. Rex however seem to have sensed it,  because only a few days later Johnny uncle came complaining that Rex had been  to their compound and peed on the flowers. I was giggling listening to it; darn Rex had some guts.

His last days weren’t great, he was partially blind and could hardly eat. Rex was 15 years old when he passed away. One of the bestest dog a 9-year-old could ever ask for. I don’t have his pictures but the moments I had with him are still fresh in my mind, like a just bloomed rose. It’s impossible forget someone who gave you so much to remember.


Please Note:Above story is edited and reformed by one of the bestest editor I know :). Thank you

Cup Of Coffee

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I have never been a morning person until recently. I used to be an owl, watching movies late night, watching anything, interesting or boring and scrolling through the life events of, array of strangers residing in my storage folder named “friends” on one of many  the social networking platforms. Carefree, I was a super free, loud spirit. But now,  I am a quiet sobered spirit who hates the company of annoying, talking creatures with 2 legs and with frequent common headaches, looks like 30’s finally got me. Thanks to my job I am up by 5AM, now I am a rooster, F*** rooster!.

I was waiting for my bus at the stop meant for our company bus, observing the Bangalorean’s get busy with their day, some running to catch the bus while some returning back from their morning walk, dogs on their walk with their owners. I was lost in my own world gaping like an ape, when I saw a man walking with three dogs towards me. My sulking serious face lit up like a 100V bulb when I saw the golden retriever wagging his tail.

“Can I pat your dog?” I couldn’t resist and asked the owner who was may be in his 30’s. I couldn’t be sure though. Tiny eyes, oval face, that thick curly beard; if not for the face it was attached to, could have easily been a cozy nest for a bird. Water effect or age effect his head was like half-moon with center part shining like St Francis Assisi. He had these side locks, at the side,  “ drug addict?!!” no I wasn’t judging but yeah, that thought crossed my mind.

“Sure go ahead” he was all friendly.

I was patting his dogs, not whole heartedly though, when he said “Pat properly, don’t be stingy”. I love dogs but sitting in the bus for an hour, without washing my hand afterwards is really not my thing.

“Sure, sure” I chuckled and did what he suggested.

“That’s nice” he said, satisfied.

“What is his name?”

“He is chocolate, this is .. and she is” he said all three names back to back so softly that Chocolate is all I could catch. If it was me by now even the passerby would get to know the dog’s name. As I didn’t want to embarrass myself by asking him  to repeat the names I said “How lovely”.  This is what I have learnt, if you can’t make out what other person is saying just say “wow”, or “Awesome”.

“Bye Chocolate” I said patting him one last time. “See you soon” I always find it easy to talk to dogs than humans

“Bye” he said.

“Bye,  see ya” Thank god I didn’t say my farewell dialogue “Bye bye, have a nice day, see ya soon, take care.” Its habitual, I try avoid saying this to strangers especially men because next thing you know they will ask your phone number and send friend request, eat up your personal space  and suffocate you.

I cleansed my hands with the hand sanitizer, smiling and watching them disappear


Next day I wasn’t sure I would meet chocolate again but there he was wagging his tail, all smiles to see me.

“Hey chocolate, how are you?” I asked the dog patting his head. I patted the other two dogs as well just saying “Hey”, “hey”. It was bad on my part but at the moment I was ok with it.

“He is happy to see you” The guy said. His one shoe had one colored lace and the other a different color. His nest like beard had a gray hair which I noticed that day. May be he is in a music band and dopes before his performance, and bangs his head, may be just in my thoughts

“Bye, see ya tomorrow” he was gone and I was busy rubbing my palms with sanitizer.


So will he come today I was already wondering while waiting for my bus. Deep down I am still a woman with fucked up hormones. I wanted to bang my head to the nearest tree. I looked impatiently but there was no sign of him or chocolate, yeah I was disappointed. I don’t know whom I missed, the dog or the dog owner.

Couple of days passed and I didn’t see him or his dogs, I didn’t forget about them but they occupied the back row of my brain, at the back but still very much in the main frame.


It was Monday; I was still yawning and was in a trance when he walked with his dogs.

I smiled and said “morning”.

“Good morning, how was your weekend?” he was full of questions

“Nothing great, just warming up my bed” how was yours? I asked him, patting Chocolate

“I went on trek”

“TREK????Boy oh boy you TRREEKK?”. Finally I meet the man of my fate, we can trek together. My mind was already a running wild horse with no reins.

“So where did you go?” I was super interested to know

“Nandi Hills” tusssss the air from my balloon was gone. Every Gopala-Ramesh-Manjunatha from Bangalore goes to Nandi hills, it is not a freaking trekking place, it’s a make out place for young couples, morning long drive for young people and relaxing place for old aged.

“hmmm, you can’t call it a trek” I corrected him.

“Oh yeah, it’s a drive,  sorry” hmmm  hmmmmmm.

“ok, I love treks actually” I was opening up against my rules. Never tell strangers specially men about your likes because next thing you know they will ask your number, send friend request and suffocate you……

“wowow, you do?wow you have a group or something?”

“Yeah, I tag along sometimes” what’s  got into me?

“Wow, nice” he seemed interested to know more. Turn off, when guys ask more questions than me it kinda freaks me out. I want a listener not the counter questions shooter. That’s why I prefer dogs over men.

“Bye, c ya tomorrow, Bye chocolate” I said turning to check on my bus

“By da, c ya, have a nice day”. Adding “da” at the end of each sentence is a Bangalorean’s thing.  He walked away then stopped, turned towards me extended his hairy hand and said  “by the way I am Arjun” very much like in a  hindi movie, how fancy!!. I smiled and caught his hand in mine and told my name. The hand shake was firm, nothing much. I was smiling, sorry correction, blushing,  that was the first time in my life time a guy  that too a total stranger seemed 10% interested in me. I giggled like moron while still waiting for the bus.

I giggled all the way to office remembering the intro part.

Like expected I told my friend and had a good laugh.

“Babe may be he is interested, ask him out on coffee” my friend encouraged me.

 “I am done asking guys out, not anymore”. In my 20’s I had asked couple of guys out because they wouldn’t ask me.(Total bad ass of me). One didn’t know about my existent and other …who cares, I don’t even remember his face.  I was independent, sophisticated, bold, working woman and I did what I felt was right. I didn’t waiti for the right moment, I just made the moment right. That was in the past, I was crazy (still I am but not to that extent). Now I am a just a silent boring person, to add on.

30+ but none have asked me out so far. It was troubling me for a few months now, every time  I saw those teenage girls walking with their boyfriends wearing half torn and cropped clothes, the troubled feeling would creep in. I wanted a man to ask me out just for once before I age bit more.


“Shit, I didn’t iron my pants properly” I was cursing and walking, looking at the wrinkles on my white cotton pants.

“Who care anyway? No one ever looks look at me” true fact.

I was waiting for the bus when Arjun walked with Chocolate.

“Morning” I said “Hi Chocolate, how are you today”. Chocolate seemed happy to see me

“Morning, nice pants, are they rayon?” pants!! Really? rayon!!!? . Does he want to touch them,feel the fabric  and then may be  wants to get into them, pervert A** H***!

“na, cotton, I suppose” I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to react. I fu* *** hate it when people comment on my clothes and my looks.

“They are actually nice” definitely he wants to get into my pants or who in his right mind will comment on pants?! or maybe these days people do? not that I am aware of

“hehehehehe, thanks” no I didn’t tilt my head and smile like a lady,  instead I laughed like an moron.

“Bye then c ya” I still don’t know how to take compliments from men

“Bye” he said and paused for a while, he looked a bit uncertain.

I looked at him, he took a step back and opened his mouth and for some unknown reasons I knew what he was going to say. Like how I can predict the dialogues from movies before even they are said.

 “May be we can have a cup of coffee sometimes” he said looking at me. ”I mean if you are ok with it”.  

That was a victorious moment for me because finally a guy had some b*** to ask me out. I was over the moon.

“No rush, take your time” he was really understanding, considerate, when I took time to reply.

“I need..” Where the heck is saliva when required? My mouth was dry and I wanted some water to take away the dryness “I need  time to think actually”, finally I said it in broken sentence

“Sure, think about it and let me know. Have a nice day” he smiled and walked away with his dogs.

If not for the public place I was in, I would have jumped with joy “A guy asked me out!!!!, a freaking guy asked me out!!!!!!!” I was smiling like a full moon. May be it is not a big deal to most of the women but it was for me, no I didn’t like the guy, no I wasn’t in love with him or his dogs but he asked me out for what I am, what I looked like(and may be because my mouth was shut) That means what,  I am still pretty? or charming? Or interesting? In my 30’s!!!! Or he just wants to get into my white cotton pants?

“You should definitely go babe, you have never been on date, go, have some fun” my friend was happy for me

“But you know he asks lots of questions, he has sidelocks”

“That’s alright, you are not marrying him, it’s just a date”

“hmmm, he commented on my white cotton pants. I still need time to think” I always analyze things upside down and downside up

“relax, it’s just a date. Stop over thinking”

“hmmmm, he might be married, or may be a divorcee or a playboy”

“Stop it, beggars can’t be choosers remember this!!!”

“May be he is a rapist”. What?! So you mean to say I am a beggar?”

“Think about it, you are not getting any younger, he seems to be a nice guy.”

“hmmmmm, hmmm, I am getting old, hmm”I sighed, whom was I kidding anyways.

So what is the harm in going out with Arjun. If lucky I can walk his dogs, I was weighing the good things. If this is called being optimistic I was learning it with mind body and soul


“So what have you decided?” Arjun asked looking at my face next day.

Avoiding his eyes I said “yes, sure why not” I wasn’t still sure, but then having a cup of coffee with a guy with 3 dogs seemed a bit harmless. May be he can bring Chocolate along.

“Awesome, so how do we do this, can you give me your number?”

“No, we will decide the time and meet” call me old school but that’s ok.    

I was excited, against my stubborn will power, my mind wondered with imaginations, we walking the dogs in the morning, long drive to Nandi hills, may be a movie on Sunday after a brunch at Glens Bake House, may be a after party, after his performance . Definitely no treks with him!!

He knew where I was from, where I worked but I knew nothing about him except that he owned 3 dogs and probably was probably  a junkie(according to my imagination). I didn’t ask any of these questions, I was still respecting his space, one of the things I have learnt, respect other’s privacy like how you want them to respect yours. It looked to me that I was the only one who acted upon it and the world seemed to be busy with its own needs.


I was excited about the date, my first date, actual date with a guy. I let my mind wonder back and forth like a swing. Days passed and there was no trace of Arjun. I was a bit disappointed. May be he chickened out? or maybe he got some other white cotton pants to get in? Coffee was getting cold and Arjun was nowhere to be seen, in my mind, on our first date. Finally one morning he showed up and I was wondering whether he will talk about the coffee but to my disappointment he didn’t. Yes, I was sad

Meanwhile I did a lot of thinking “Did I want to go out with him because he was the first guy who asked me out or maybe because he has three dogs or maybe I really like him?” Call me old fashioned, but I still have old  rusted believes. Don’t be obliged to do things but do it because your heart wants it.  

“No big deal, go out it is just a cup of coffee, just enjoy the feeling” my friend was encouraging me

“But babe, if things turn bad I have to get up at 4 to walk and wait at the next stop,  just to avoid him. Imagine that, I will be sleep deprived and a total zombie.”

“You are funny, no wonder he asked you out” friends like her make me feel special.

“hmmmmmm hmm, let me think about it” my hair would have turned gray considering the overthinking on the subject.


I was talking to my bus-stop-mate when Arjun walked, followed by chocolate.

“Hi there, morning.” He slowly said just so that, only I could hear

“Hi, Morning, how are you?”,

“good, good” I was sure my bus mate still could hear us. He walked a little further and hesitated for a while, I smiled and walked so that my bus mate couldn’t hear us. Sometimes all you have to do is relax and follow the lead like in Waltz.

“So about that coffee..” he said softly. It hit me then, junkie or not he was a nice guy, and he was being really considerate. He was a fine gentleman. I was glad for the moment, he asked me out

I paused for a second and scratched behind my ears because I didn’t know what to do with my hand. Even though I knew I will regret it later I picked my words carefully “I am sorry Arjun, it is not really my thing. Really sorry” There I said no to a nice hearted guy.

“ohh Really!?no problem, c ya, have a nice day” saying he walked

“Bye, you too” I took a deep breath, may be I struck off something from my list but felt sad to say no to someone, it’s harder than saying yes, but  saying no should be easy, I thought, it definitely isn’t !


It’s been months now I haven’t seen Arjun or Chocolate. Sometimes I wonder may be he couldn’t face me with his wounded ego,  so he changed his walking route or may be changed his walking time. Whatever might be the reason glad I don’t have to get up at 4 to avoid him. Little sad,  yes, but more happy that I didn’t have  that cup of coffee with him.

Sankirthi opened her eyes to the sound of her favorite Royal Enfield sound. She pulled out her mobile under her pillow and saw the time. “6” saying she kicked her blanket and pulled the curtains aside. There was he sitting on his beast wearing red Nike jacket and knee length shorts. The never missed bandana was sitting in its usual place stopping his long hair from falling on his forehead, the one she gifted him. “Darn the Freak!!! Forgot the helmet”, Sankirthi said to herself.

If not for the December’s chilly wind Sankirthi would have sat like that hours watching him. She picked her blanket and wrapped around her and continued what she was doing earlier. He sneezed and waited patiently when the watchman opened the gate. He said something and watchman smiled “he and his cheap jokes” Sankirthi said and smiled. With ear plug on its place he gave a solid kick to the beast and it obeyed him. In fraction of second he disappeared in the early fog of Bangalore’s mist.

That’s how Sankirthi’s day started, no matter what, sharp at 6 she was there near the window watching Leeroy leave for the gym. It’s not that she was in love or something it just that she liked watching him saying that she consoled herself. The number of gals visited his house on weekend she could bet on any grave that he never felt anything for her other than mere friendship.

She yawned and rolled on her bed for some more time, she was still not ready to get up and do her daily chores yet. She closed her eyes for a minute to get a hold on her thoughts. She took deep breaths and sat on her bed. She said small prayer in her mind and walked towards kitchen humming some old Hindi song .

She looked at the wall clock in the hall, “6.15”,  she kept the water on gas for coffee and hurried . “Hello bro, what’s up?” saying that she winked at the framed photo of her brother hung on the wall. She continued “I know, you are doing very well, ask me how I am?.” She took a deep breath and said “To be honest I am in real bad shape, final semester exams are near and your mother is ringing some temple bell at dawn, almost every morning, wonder for whom she is praying for. She reaches temple before the temple priest reach, can you beat that. That old woman doesn’t cook anything other than rice and sambar. Oh man life sucks.” She opened the main door and picked packet of milk and newspaper. With Kitty trailing behind her she said “your father is still same, breaks his head over news and cricket , can you beat that. I feel he doesn’t even remember he has a daughter.” After keeping the milk packet on kitchen counter she lifted Kitty in her arms, kissing her “But thanks to Kityy, she keeps me busy, her silly games and her two kittens, Piggy and Masshi occupy my time”. He let go of Kitty placing her on the floor and open the packet of milk, Kitty rubbed herself to her legs meowing all time , telling her its time she fill her bowl with milk.

“I know sweet heart, give me one second”

Saying she filled Kitty’s bowl. Kitty, Piggy and Masshi attacked the bowl draining the milk in fraction of second.

She patted Kittys head “see it wasn’t that bad, was it”

When she realized its 7.00 she said “Off you go now Kitty, I am late already”

She busied herself in her chores. She on the geyser and prepared the tea. Sipping her tea she walked to the hall “where was I?, yes I was telling about Kitty and her kittens. I don’t know what to do with Piggy and Masshi, nobody is ready to take them. But I have an idea, Leeroy’s 25th bday  is round the corner  guess what his bday gift will be?Kittens.” she laughed loudly like a sadist witch

“Last week I asked him politely to take piggy and Masshi but that bum did not budge. Now I am going to buy a nice fancy basket and place Peggy and Masshi in it covering them with nice table cloth and take it over his place. He doesnt like cats, I don’t know why, every time he sees Kitty he jumps. When he was small one cat had pawed him, those scars are still on his lower cheek, dont ask me how I know. ”

She took a sip of her tea and sighed “Funny part is he cant return his bday gift. Like it or not he have to keep the kittens. And he is a keeper so I am tension free” She emptied her tea cup, getting up from the chair she said picking her bath towel from the balcony “ok bro, will catch up tomorrow with more update, time to run”. Saying she hurried towards bath room to take morning her shower.

By the time Sankirthi got ready to college her father was reading newspaper, mother was preparing some breakfast at the last minute. She looked at the wall clock and thought again she have to relive on her college canteen for her lunch and breakfast. She hurriedly picked an apple from the dining table took a bite and started running holding her college bag. “Bow your head to god and go Sankirthi” when her dad’s concerned voice fell on her ears she came running back bowed her head to all gods statute which were almost submerged in flowers.  She whispered “if she would have done atleast 5% of what she does for you I would have been over the moon”. After saying bye to her father she started running thinking she is going to miss her college bus again. She stopped for a second near the door hoping her mother will say something but when she didn’t hear the voice which she was longing, she hurried swallowing the pain.

She was in such a hurry that she didn’t see Leeroy coming out of his house and bumped into him. If Leeroy would not have held her at the right moment she would have fallen from the steps. Her college bag and apple were now lying on the floor without a care in the world. “Cant you keep your eyes open Roy” saying she picked her bag and apple from the floor. When she realized she cant eat the apple she stared at him. Long hair combed nicely, in ironed formal black pants and maroon full sleeve shirt he looked royally handsome for boring office. If the anger was on its way then before Sankirthi knew it was long gone.

Leeroy stood there smiling at her while she stared at him with open mouth. He whistled slowly and said “wowo, you look fab, still trying to impress that guy who had come home last year? What’s with your hair??Where’s that oil?”. Leeroy started to laugh touching her hair which usually used to coat with oil. Snakirthi glared at him and spat “Yeah, how do you know. If everything goes smoothly I will be mother of his kids soon” being said that she started to run. Leeroy held her hand and said “I don’t think you want to go in bath room slippers. And about the guy, stay away from him, they want only one thing”. Sankirthi pulled her hand daringly and asked “what about you Leeroy, what you want?”. Leeroy chuckled and said looking into her eyes “you never know what I want Ki,”.Sankirthi didn’t like the way he was looking at her. She slowly broke the eye contact and checked her feet to make sure Leeroy was kidding about her bath room slippers. Sankirthi realized she was still wearing her bath room slippers, she cursed and ran back home.

When Sankirthi reached the gate Leeroy was waiting for her on his Royal Enfield. She swallowed the bile and tried to ignore him. Before she could reach him he yelled “Come on, hop in Ill drop you till the bus stop”. Sankirthi wanted to say no not because she wanted to but because her mother was standing near the window and was watching her.  Something made her agree to his offer. She covered her head with stole and said “you are such a life saver Roy” and sat on the bike.  She knew it her mother was still watching her. With insane guts she kept her hand on Leeroy’s shoulder and smiled.

When they crossed the gate she took off her hand from Leeroy’s shoulder. She checked her reflection in preview mirror to make sure her lip-gloss was still there. When the shiny liquid made its presence known Sankirthi smiled at the mirror and kept her bag in front of her as a shield. Leeroy laughed and said “What you think I am going to take advantage? That too on my bike!!You must be kidding me? As per I remember last time you took advantage of me and kissed right there under that banyan tree” he pointed out at the tree. Sankirthi looked away with flushed face. How can she dare to forget the day when for the first time she kissed Leeroy, her crazy insane guts. Ignoring her discomfort she said “how’s your mom now?”. As Leeroy couldn’t hear Sankirthi over the heavy noise of morning traffic he bent sideways and said “what”. Sankirthi was forced to lean forward.

Her nostrils went wild when familiar john musk perfume hit them. His beard was gone and moustache was trimmed neatly. Her hands itched to touch his cheek and feel the skin. Thank god his eyes were on road else definitely he would have read her thoughts she was sure about that. She leaned forward and said “How’s your mom?”. Leeroy shrugged his shoulder and took a pause before answering “she doing good, goes to hospital almost every week, I am just worried that’s she might never recover……”  The pain in Leeroy’s voice hit Sankirthi. She squeezed his shoulder lightly and said “Don’t worry Roy, she will be alright, trust me”. When he stopped his bike in front of bus stop Sankirthi got down. When she saw her classmate she relaxed a bit, college bus was not yet come. She looked at Leeroy and said nothing. When she was about to leave when Leeroy took out an apple from his bag held it in front of her said “where’s your manners lady?! Say thank you and move your big ass I am getting late to office”. He took a large bite of apple and gave it to Sankirthi and winked. Before Sankirthi could say anything he was gone. She stood there watching him disappear in the heavy traffic. She was defiantly falling in love with him if she’s not already in love she thought. Everything about him was lovable, even his sweat

With her head leaning on the glass window Sankirthi looked out without interest. Her mother ignorance towards her pricked her everyday, no matter how hard she tried to ignore. When she was small she had cried many times wondering why her mother never showed any affection, she had her own reasons for sure. It was always her father who cared for her until Leeroy moved into her building. She still remembers the day when a black Honda city entered the compound when she was talking with watchman. Glued to the ground she watched a man, in his late 60 get down from driver seat. When his eyes fell on her he give her one of his broad smile and said “Hi”. Sankirthi return the smile and before she know she had walked towards car hoping for a kid of her age will get down and finally she will have a friend. The man extended his hand and said “I am George, new resident; we stay in the second floor”. Sankirthi shook his hand, looked at him with curious eyes. When she couldn’t wait longer she asked “do you have any kid’s?you see I have no friends….”. Before she could finish there he was opening the front door and inspecting his new surroundings. When a lady dress in loosely fitted cotton salwar emerged from back seat Sankirthi was fascinated by her beauty. With bob hair and glasses on, looked very motherly to her. When she realized she may not have any chance of making friends with that trendy boy she thought maybe she will never have a good friend. With black shades on and with ears still plugged with his headphones like an astronaut who loved heavy metal. She looked at the lady and gave her best smile. When lady returned her smile she thought maybe she can have can have a good friend after all. After a quick introduction she got to know that ladies name is Lydia.  Such a lovely name she thought.

Sankirthi had taken the job of showing them around pretty seriously. She helped them to locate their apartment in 2nd floor, floor below her apartment.

With her trailing Mr George, with her hands filled with bags she felt finally she could be friends with someone. After setting up the things Lydia had thanked her from bottom of her heart. Sankirthi had jumped out of her place and had hugged Lydia. Lydia had touched her head and said “you are always welcome here, come anytime you want, Leeroy would love to have some friends like you”. How Sankirthi wanted to correct her that she wanted to be friend with her rather than her son. Lydia had told her that they had moved to India due to some medical treatment. Even though Sankirthi was curious she didn’t dared to ask any questions. Lydia had told that their son, Leeroy was against moving to India from Dubai. As he was finding hard to adjust she had asked Sankirthi to talk to Leeroy. For Lydia’s sake she had tried talking to Leeroy, but when he ignored her she had given up trying to talk to him.

It was one evening she was riding her bicycle in the garden, school kids, old people were walking and laughing sitting in the garden. She was enjoying her ride when suddenly cycle’s chain came out. She tried to put the chain back in it place, even though she had no idea how to do so. Its then she felt she have to take the cycle to the shop Leeroy stepped in front of her from nowhere  and raised his eyebrows “next time try asking people, they might help you”.Sankirthi just wondered how this gulf boy know about fixing cycle chain. She stood there as Leeroy carefully put the chain back in its place, with his hands already black with grease. Once it’s done Leeroy said “there you go”. Sankirthi looked at his black oil stained hands and asked “where you learn this?”. Leeroy raised his eyebrows again showing no interest in answering her question. She said “may be you can teach me”. Leeroy had smiled and said “come on Ki, the last thing I want is to teach you is about fixing your cycle”. She stood in front of him staring  at his now smiling eyes and said “ok, I take it as no. May be ill inform your dad about your newly developed smoking habit”. Smile had left Leeroy’s face without a trace. There he was staring at her wondering how the hell she found about him. Sankirthi said “I don’t have much time Roy, decide quickly”. It’s the same day Leeroy became Roy to her and Sankirthi became just Ki to him.

Sankirthi closed her eyes hoping to doze for a while. Leeroy was always around when she needed someone. Before even she could say he understood her thoughts, which scared her even now. For Sankirthi he was a superhero who can do anything and everything. When he got his female friends home she was jealous and had cursed them all. As he was going to some fancy Christian college, his friends were all yo-yo type, with guys spiked up hair and girls micro miniskirts. When his friend visited his house Sankirthi made sure she never stepped out of her house even though Leeroy invited her to join them. She had seen some of his female friends in deep Vneck trying to gain all Leeroy’s attention. Even though those pretty gals tried hard she was the first one to kiss him, she consoled herself. She smiled thinking about her first kiss, Leeroy standing there shock in his eyes and Sankirthi kissing him, standing on her toes.

When bus stopped in front of college gate Sankirthi forcibly opened her eyes wondering who will be the next guy she will be kissing. As it was late she hurried to class

When Sankirthi reached home at 7in the evening that day she was dead tired. Writing some stupid program had drained her all energy and strength. She pushed the door and walked in, dumping her bag on the sofa and collapsing on it. Her father who was watching local news said “Bad day putta?”.. Its then her mother came from kitchen and stood in front of her. Sankirthi prepared herself for the volcano to erupt. When she had seen her mother standing near the window in the morning she had anticipated the worse. Her mother said “how many times I told you to stay away from that gulf Christian boy, today again you went with him on his bike that too you were literally falling on him. I just wonder what you were thinking…”.Her father switched off the TV and removed his specs and sat there with undivided concentration trying to understand about whom they were talking.   “He is my friend and I don’t have to think before going with him” Sankirthi replied with stead firm voice. Her mother looked at her father and said “you heard what she said? I had told you not to give her freedom see now..” she turned towards Sankirthi and said “tomorrow some other guy will call and I wouldn’t be surprise if you go with him happily”. Sankithi lost her patience stood in front of her mother and said “I wont, as he wont be Leeroy”. Her mother slapped her across her face and said “Behave yourself, you little crap of shit. I wouldn’t be surprised if you elope with that Christina boy. Anyways you don’t go to temple, don’t pray..”. With her father trying to be pacemaker Sankirthi picked her bag and strolled to her room. She locked the door and fell on her bed, tears flooding down her cheek. Her mother never liked Leeroy, without any valid reason she blamed him. Anyone saying a single bad word against Leeroy tricked her off, even her mother. She always hated him, hated the way he dressed, the way he talked. She never spoke to his parents no matter how many times Lydia tried to talk to her. Why she had to be mean to those who were dear to her, Sankirthi never understood. Lydia was her like real mother, listening to her worries and giving advise when she was in confused state. Her mother used to throw the Christmas cake Lydia used to give without even opening the cover. Sometimes she wondered may be her mother is suffering from mental disorder. Her hatred, her ignorance were beyond understandable. How many times she planned to run away from home, her distress mother but then her father’s innocent face always stopped her

Door bell ringing sound interrupted Sankirthi’s trail of thoughts. She smiled, in spite of bad moment with her mother and wiped her tears still lying on her bed for she knew her warrior was already there to help her. She could hear Leeroy’s voice as he talked to her father. She washed her face and walked into hall wearing her sweet timid smile. There he was all dressed in his usual basketball clothes and smiling at her. When he looked straight into her eyes their eyes spoke silently. He slowly said “I will be travelling to US this weekend, official visit, thought I will inform you personally, couldn’t wait till tomorrow so came”. He then turned towards he father and said “sorry for barging like that, was so happy wanted to share the good news with Ki”. Sankirthi knew very well why he was there standing in her house, talking to her father. He wanted to make sure she is doing ok. Now with him gone she will be like colorless rainbow. With tears filling her eyes she was scared that her worry will reflect on her face. Saying congrats she excused herself and locked herself in the sanctuary of her room. Her one and only one dear friend , her warrior was going away, far from her she wanted to cry loudly. She wiped her tears thinking her mother must be celebrating now, may be that’s what her mother prayed everyday she thought. She looked at her brother’s pic on her table and started to think. She had to do something crazy to piss her mother even more and she knew it what she had to do. With wicked smile on her face she packed her bags and counted her pocket money. She patted her back and said “it is time to rock and roll baby.

I looked at him; with black shirt buttoned till top and blue jeans, he looked funny with uncombed hair and those dark circles under his eyes. I have never seen this version of him. His trick to look like a heartbroken man in despair was working to a certain extent on the onlookers, with that over grown beard and moustache. But definitely not on me for I was his wife for long 6 years. What shrewd thoughts are dancing behind that masked expression, malice behind the sweet smile, and goal behind the scheming little gesture, I knew it very well with my past experience with that son of the wicked witch. As for the witch, dressed in black salwar, sniffing her nose, holding my two years old son in her arms like a caring grandmother.

You will pay for your debts, before you leave this world” I screamed at her. But like always she ignored me and continued wiping her crocodile tears. My heart was turmoil when my eyes fell on my mother being consoled by my sister. In her loosely fit sari blouse and green draped sari she just looked at me in silence. There were no tears, no sniffing nose just a blank look. Taking care of me, keeping the smile on my face had already drained the energy from her 65 years old body. How I wanted to hug her and say “everything is going to be alright mom, you don’t have to worry about me anymore”. I was grateful to my sister for standing by her side with her arms around defeated shoulder and comforting. The priest went on blabbering, making the cross sign, sprinkling holy water on me and around me, preparing my eternal resting place where worms will feed on me, enjoying and burping. I risked a last quick glance at my motionless body in casket for I am going to recall it in future whenever I want to remember my final journey.

Clad in a cheap red shimmering sari, which I picked for myself for my own funeral and jasmine flowers adorned on my then small now bulging head I looked funny. “Is that really me?” I asked myself. May be tumor growing inside my head made me look funny I justified. ”Oh god, I look like a woman suffering from mumps”. I laughed out loud for no one was there to restrain me from doing so. I twirled with joy enjoying this new freedom. I looked at my static body again, below my chest I was submerged with dark red roses, blooming jasmine, carnations and flowers I didn’t know. I felt so heavenly, I craved for flowers when I was alive and after my death I was showered with them. Consolation prize of dying I assumed. My grin widened when my eyes fell on my neatly shaped eyebrows. “Just perfect”, I said.

My time was up the moment I left my deceased body. On my begging god let me venture little more into this world of living. I had to see my son for one last time, dead or alive there is no boundary to a mothers love. Blame it on my tumor I was snatched away from the precious moment with my son, I craved to shower his face with kisses and hear him giggle, thrived to hold him in my arms and sing a lullaby, watch him sleep peacefully . With all the privileges gone with my breath I just have to satisfy my desperation just by merely watching him.

She died so young, feel sorry for the kid, suffered a lot,” people went on expressing their views even when I wasn’t interested to know. Darn them, “Shh,can’t you all just keep quiet for a minute” I grumbled loudly but like the witch they ignored me and continued with what they were doing.

I looked at the priest who was quiet, then all of sudden he signaled at the men standing near my cozy, warm, forever sleeping bag. But before they could make a move my husband hurried to me and kissed my forehead like a loving husband who is going to miss dearly, while I shivered not with delight but with hatred. For the 6 years of marriage he gave me nothing but tears, yelling and beatings along with his mother, and now when I am finally free from his clutches he pretends to be desolated for the benefits and sympathy of the world.

Freshly out of college, with vivid colorful dreams of future I was working as an accountant in a small firm. With my shy smile, jet black hair and average height I was able to capture many proposals. Like a normal girls I dreamt of a loving husband, adorable kids and caring family.

Fallen for his twinkling eyes and charms on the first meet in presence of our elders I couldn’t imagine marrying anybody else. When my mother tried to convince me to reconsider my decision after hearing his great deeds from other people, my decision was still the same. Even though it was arranged marriage I went to callous willingly, how I wish I had listened to my mother then. My husband seemed to be a good man, with his care and love I bloomed like a camellia in autumn.

When I boarded the flight to Dubai with my husband after a month I felt like a contented woman. “Happiness is short lived” something I totally forgot, lost in the arms of my husband. With every passing day my husband’s real face surfaced like a dead body from the bottom of the sea. Bored whole day in the cramped four walls I looked forward for his arrival in the evening. But his late night banging on the door, followed by the yelling’s for opening the door lately killed my dreams with sling shot.

His increased abuse, gibe, foul language and thrashing martyred my smile and happiness forever. When I expressed my wish to work to escape the boredom he blindly said no carrying out his mothers orders smoothly, without even questioning once. I wanted to kill myself just in 3 years of my marriage, but when I realized there is a new life dependent on me I cried my heart out. I did not wanted the little one to bear the same ill fate like me filled with tears, sadness and hatred. Heavy bleeding during third month of my pregnancy and the continuous headaches, I hoped for a miscarriage, for the new innocent life will be free before even its come into this world.

After nine months when Samuel was born I was overwhelmed by my motherly love but I feared for his future during the silent nights. When my headaches were beyond control I saw a doctor who after doing all kinds of tests, avoided my eyes and slowly whispered “You have a tumor growing inside of your head which is in the final stage”.

My life was shattered because my son was too small, incapable of fighting his own battles. My mother begged me to come to her but I stayed with my husband for I didn’t want to be a burden on her. Already I was an entity who had lost her identity and I preferred it to be that way in my last days, gulping my pain, wiping my tears in the silence of night sleeping next to my sleeping baby

Abuse, yelling from my husband multiplied, my medication, at least, eased the pain I was going through, although it didn’t prove to be a complete cure. Few months later my husband’s blunt no to spend money on my medication and exceeded exploitation forced me to pack my bags and go to haven of my waiting mother. To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and to cherish till death do us part”, our wedding vow laughed at me with my husband showing his back to me when I needed him the most.

My mother was shattered seeing my bloated head, sunken eyes and the 2 years old little Samuel clinging to me, with fearful eyes glaring at her. I tried to be brave with a fake smile on my face but the knowing look from my mother was enough to wet my eyes. At the edge of life, I was happy with my mother; who fed me, took me to hospital, cleaned my puke on bad days and my sister, who boosted my energy with her amusing dialogues.

The final blow came when on one fine day my husband along with his mother came to see me. Glaring at them in my doorstep I could feel the well planned deceit.

I will take Samuel with me” my husband muttered sipping the coffee my mom offered.

What for, he is doing just fine here” I replied trying to sound not so anxious.

You don’t understand Jude, he has to see you suffer every day. It’s not good for him at this young age.” My mother-in-law pitched in.

Get out of my house” I wanted to yell at them but instead I replied calmly “He would rather see me suffer everyday than stay away from me”. They walked off taking their air of arrogance, hostility with them, but I knew they would be back and not stop until they got what they wanted.

Aware of their motives to separate my son from me, I met a lawyer to make the necessary arrangement so that my sister would get my son’s custody after I am gone to the world of dead. But before I could discuss the chances ,my tumor blackmailed me shamelessly; I was hospitalized. When I sat in the car for my one way journey to the hospital deep down I knew it was my last visit, freedom from suffering, pain was just arms away, I could literally feel my freedom. All I wanted was a little time but time was the one thing I didn’t have in my wallet . I wanted to screech at god, tell the tumor to stop its advance and death to fuck it self. I didn’t let my eyes shed tears, I didn’t let my spirit shrink, I didn’t let the painful headaches eradicate my smiles for my son’s sake who looked at me with hopeful eyes, hope to walk with his mother again, nag her and sleep into her arms.

I was in and out several times in my final week. On one such day I was coming around after painful headaches when I saw my husband, his mother standing near me, holding my son with triumphant grin on their face. I wanted to stop them, I wanted to shout at them not to touch my son with their stained hands. With my medicine working its wonder I was lost to the world of dumb before I could open my mouth. When I came around after a day my son was not around. I wailed with whatever little energy I got, I cried with my defeat, how can they separate him from me for I needed him more than anyone during my final moments.

I didn’t have to wait for long, that night I abandoned my abused, diseased body to rest peacefully for eternity. I was happy in a way but sad in another for I can’t be around to look after my son.

As I looked, my husband backed out crying loudly when my son just looked at me and whispered “Mommy”. My heart throbbed with despair. It won’t be very long before he forgets my face,my loving embrace, my name and his dear mommy.

As I watched, they first covered my face with pure white hand kerchief and whole body with white cloth.

white or color, old or new, I am still feasted by worms. Don’t you understand, it doesn’t matter” I said.

Then all of sudden they started pulling out the flowers from the casket

No, wait. Please don’t do that, I love flowers. Let them be with me on this victorious day. Please Sir” I went on begging but they did not budge.

Oh Jude, Jude, my dear Jude” I could identify my mother’s helpless whimper. Someone closed the casket and lowered it to freshly dug grave. Some threw the mud while others the flowers, bidding me their final farewell. From mud I came to belong to mud for now and for eternity.

Before you are born your fate is written by your creator, my love will always take care of you my darling, it will protect you from all the danger.” I said looking at my son whose eyes were closing with exhaustion.

I smiled, with my short painful journey coming to an end, there was a beginning to my new journey of freedom. I was happy for I could laugh again without any worries, after all I am a free soul.


LOVE That Has No End 13

Posted: November 27, 2015 in STORY

I lost my last ray of hope. I looked strong but from inside I was wailing, weeping. I stopped the bike near her house, she didn’t get down from bike immediately she still sat there and slowly laid her head on my shoulder. I sat there motionless fighting with my emotions, feelings, my tears.

After a while when I couldn’t take the torture anymore I said slowly “Go josh go, find your happiness and don’t worry about me. It shouldn’t trouble you whether I find someone or not because you don’t love me” . I knew she was weeping but I had to be rude. She got down and started walking towards her home. I sat nd watched her walk taking all the happiness, love and joy from my life, with her.

That’s how we stopped spending time together. Now we occasionally we chat ,sometimes when I have urge to see I go to her house and spend some time and come. Somehow even she misses me, I tell her how much I miss her but she never tells me.


I saw the watch on the bed clock, 5.00PM it will like any other night when I have to live with no night sleep. With Hazel starting her new life in Pune with mom and Iyan I feel left alone in this crowded Mumbai. The girl I loved wants me to move on and here I am recalling my past like, every fucking moment. I checked the gallery in my phone there she was smiling at the camera, first woman I love so dearly and unconditionally. There are some lucky days like today when she calls to say hello. When she does I feel like king of my castle.

Few days back I asked her if she loves me again; I am a stubborn man I don’t easily let things go specially the woman I adore so dearly. I knew her answer but saying no she confirmed it . I tried to talk to her about giving a chance to Kevin because he is a really nice guy. I still love her and I will do till my last breath; after all she is my first love. I don’t know about future whether my story will end with a happy ending with her in my arms forever but I don’t care. I want her to be happy, If her happiness is being with Kevin or any other guy then be it. I will console myself saying I lost her someone more deserving than me.

I traced the finger around her smiling face on my phone and closed my eyes for so called my sleep.

                                                                     THE END

LOVE That Has No End 12

Posted: November 26, 2015 in STORY

After 40 days, between all these worries my nephew was christened,Iyan we called him. As my sister didn’t want it to be grand it was a small function. Abel stood by my sister when the ceremony took place with all smiles on his face. Joshna was there too with her family. In that purple salwar she looked very beautiful. Every time I looked at Carmen my sisters torn clothes came in front of my eyes and Josh smiling face. When I couldn’t keep my eyes open, I shut them tightly.

My mom was worried about my sisters and Iyan’s future so she decided to talk to Abel’s family members after the function. When mom told Abel’s family what he had done they were not shocked and that amazed my mom and sister. Its then I realized he must have done similar things in the past. And for such a bastard my sister had to be the prey. During this family talk we came to know many things about Abel. In the past he had several affairs with girls, some even married women, many maids had left the job because of his loose behavior. I didn’t care about his past there was my sister who was just 27 and my nephew who was 45 days old. His family members begged to give him a final chance as he is a father now this might change him .Little they knew an animal is always an animal. Abel wept and said he will take care of my sister and Iyan. My sister was not convinced but she wanted to give a try for her son after all kids need family.

After one month with heavy heart I and my mom dropped my sister and Iyan at Abel’s place. I hugged her tightly and said “You don’t have to tell mom but remember one call and I will be here, you don’t have to worry about day or time”, saying that with heavy heart I kissed her on forehead and walked away with mom.

As my sister had quit job she was bored at home. To kill the time she used to go to the park beside the building with Iyan. The women from building used to feel sorry for her. They also told her about his affair with his neighbour girl who was a minor. He used to take that girl to his friends place and have physical relation with her. We didn’t realize he could fall for such a low level.

When Hazel got to know that Abel was still having an affair with the minor girl she called me. I went to meet her with mom with firm determination that she will be coming back with us. We filed a police complaint against him and got my sister and Iyan back. Even after that Abel’s family member insisted on having family talk. It looked funny to me, they wanted to have a family talk while whole family was torn into pieces. No matter how much he cried and begged we didn’t send Hazel back to that hell.

My sister wept for her father, wept for son, she wept for her broken marriage. Every time she walked out people would ask “When you’re are going back to your husband’s place?”. She was tired, tired of her life and this freaking society. She applied for a job in Pune and moved there with mom. I stayed back in Mumbai, I had so many things attached to my heart. As my mom and sister were aware of Joshna they didn’t say anything against her. She had told me once “Alan, she is nice girl. Don’t let this family crap tangle you”.

The decision was up to me I wanted the time to show mercy on me.

By now the misunderstanding between me and her dad had been cleared. He was close to me and I was his favorite. Whenever he felt like talking he gave me a call.

I had hopes but Josh was again giving me signal she and I cant be together. Sometimes she would say “find a girl and move on, we can’t be together”. I didn’t care and started to spend most of my time with her. I knew her friends, her colleagues, and even their bithdays. I knew her playlist and which song she likes to what’s going in her mind. We had this connection one look at her and I know what she’s thinking. May be thats whay we were inseperable.

Everything was going fine except her wanting me to move on. We used to chat late nights meet often. Talk all possible shit. It was her birthday 2014 June 16 , she went out with her aunt, there was her wedding topic came , one of her cousin suggested my name but her aunt and all said not to mention my name again. Tuss, I was the closed chapter which her family members never cared to open again

On her birthday night I planned to surprise her. To make sure she is at home I called her dad and he said its right time to come over. When I rang the bell expecting her dad to open the door, I was surprised to see there was no response. I waited patiently ringing the bell. I could hear someone unlatching the door. I pushed it open and could hear Joshna saying “will be with you in 5 minutes, make yourself home”. I smiled, luck was on my side. In little time I got I was able to fill the hall with heart shaped red balloons. When she came out in her puffy bath robe, her curly hair tied up, few drops of water on her face I lost my tongue. She then saw the balloons floating around in the light of the candle and smiled at me, yes that killer smile. I gave her a tight hug, kissed her forehead and wished her all happiness. The feeling, emotions, of that day are still alive with me till date.

Soon it was my birthday she preponed my birthday a week before as I was travelling to Singapore for youth conference. When I came back from Singapore I got a ring for her. How I wanted to kneel in front of her and ask her to marry me and put the ring, my wish never came true, I was scared that she will say no and stop talking to me, mercilessly killing our friendship.

When my mom came from Pune to visit me Josh came to meet her. My mom knew something’s wrong between us she knew that I was madly in love with Josh. To my surprise she didn’t hesitate, she welcomed Josh with open arms. Once Josh left, she asked me if she should speak to Carmen about the allience,I said no even though I wanted to say yes. How lucky I felt at that moment to have a mom like mine understanding, supporting and loving.

Days passed and Josh started to avoid me. I couldn’t understand her behavior. I wanted to meet and talk about it but she was not ready to bring up the issue. She used to avoid my every question with “you should move on and I don’t want to talk about it”

She believed she has to stop talking with me so that I could move, we tried couple of times but we couldn’t. I never understood why she doesn’t want to give a try with me.

When I couldn’t take her silent torture I went to meet her. I told her how I feel about her I am sure she already knew about it. She didn’t tell how she feels but kept on saying “find a girl and move on”. Once I lost my calm and shouted pointing out at her “See I found a girl but she doesn’t let me move on with her”. For which she hugged me tight and said “Not me my dumbo…different girl”.

don’t do this to us” I whispered in her ears. Her tears had soaked my shirt where she laid her head on my chest.

We cant be together Alan, Not now not ever” all she said and sobbed. I just held her close crying with her for the love I felt for her which I can never brand.

I was devastated but I didn’t want to give up my 9 years love just like that. So I decided to take some guidance from my friend Ryan ,a priest. Starting Josh looked hesitant but after lots of convincing she agreed to meet Father Ryan. We three sat in his office, he directly asked her whether she loves me or not. She looked at the priest and said “I am sure I don’t love him”. I knew she was lying may be Even Ryan felt the same thing so he asked her again whether she is saying no because of the family complication or because of her past. Without blinking her eyes she repeated her answer with firm voice “I am sure I don’t love him”. Is this the same girl who was telling me to find a girl and move on? Why she wanted me to find a girl and move on when she didn’t love me? I want to scream at her but instead I said “I dont know what is love but I know I understand her and she understands me .We use silence as our mode of communication. She doesn’t have to tell me what she is feeling one look at her and I know. I trust her and I think even she too trusts me, I care for her and she cares for me. According to me that is love”. There was silence for a while. I could feel her restlessness “ I care for him but I don’t love him I am sure about my feelings” she repeated, I could see her tears in her eyes. Father Ryan looked at us and said ”In this case you guys should stop spending with each other, it’s going to be very hard “. Did I do the right thing consulting the priest no, I wanted to bang my head to the wall. Instead of convincing the girl here he was telling us to go separate ways. Priest I tell you!!!

                                                                                                                   To Be Continued

LOVE That Has No End 11

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Seasons changed and time moved, by now I was gone away from her life and Kevin was getting close to Josh. I still don’t know which thing pushed Josh over the edge, Austin’s insecurity, his over possessiveness or her mother’s concern for her. Finally one good day Josh broke up with Austin. Josh emotional need, rift in my sister’s married life all the problems were cooking my brain for a feast. Many times I was tempted to pack my bags and get lost in the world of stranger.

When my sister became more suspicious about my mom’s strange behavior around Abel she spoke to her friend who happens to be priest. She told him about mom’s strange behavior with Abel. She was sure he must have done something to her. Priest called her and asked her to meet personally. When she went to meet the priest first thing she told was “don’t tell anything to Hazel”. Weeping she narrated the whole incident to the priest.One day as usual Abel came to visit Hazel and she was in the kitchen. she was busy cooking for Hazel when Abel came from behind and grabbed her , his groping was the raw proof of his lust. Somehow she pushed him and ran to safety of bathroom. She locked the door and wept quietly as she didn’t want to worry her already sick daughter. She wept thinking what kind of animal her daughter got married to. Priest consoled her saying “Be strong Helen, I know you have suffered a lot but be strong, don’t give up, god is with you. Hazel already assumed he must have done something to you. So don’t worry by not telling you are not protecting anyone.

That night my mom spoke to my sister about it. Both hugged and cried I sat there burning with hatred, disgust towards Abel. The man was worse than the animal. I was hurt that mom even didn’t consider of telling me. May be she had her reasons I consoled myself.

Priest had advised mom to confront Abel and record the whole conversation. When Abel came next time my mom and sister confronted him but he denied. How I wanted to get from my chair and beat that guy. My hands itched, my blood boiled, my male ego roared but I waited. He went on denying all the accusation in the beginning but agreed to all at the end saying my mom was the one who made the first move. If my mom and sister didn’t have caught me by arm I would have murdered that mentally sick psycho right there. How dare he was to accuse my mom.

I wanted destruction to save myself from doing something wrong. Every time I thought about Abel I lost my calm, I tried my level best to suppress my anger. I Joined GYM worked out for 2 to 3 hours but still there was my mind loitering every corner of Able’s street. So to save myself I started chatting in our what’s app group. As Josh was free from her obligation she ignored my flirty blows. Dominic and Joshua didn’t mind because they knew I am not serious. But Kevin started to act absurd, I felt something is not right. As I was busy with my family problem Kevin was the one who used to spend most of his time with Josh. They both were getting closer but I was sure that Josh will never fall for Kevin. It was Kevin I was not sure about. He knew how much I loved Josh and still love her, he also knew that we both can’t be together because of fucked up family problems.

December 2013 Josh went to Mangalore to attend her cousin’s wedding. Before she left I went to see her. We talked for a while then she held my hand looked into my eyes and said

Your friend needs you“.

I was confused wondering she herself is the friend she is talking about. Unknowing there was this small fountain rising higher and higher in my heart. So I touched her arm and said “You can tell me now, I am here”. She laughed so loudly it echoed in my head and I loved it. Wiping tears from edge of her eyes she said “Not me, Kevin needs you, talk to him”. I asked with surprise ”why , what happened to him?”. “Just talk to him” she said. I didn’t like the uneasy feeling that was building up, my fountain of energy dead already, I went to meet Kevin.

He tried to smile when he saw me but his smile didn’t reach his eyes. He was my friend since childhood so I knew something was wrong. I asked him what happened .He looked away and said nothing. I said I can read him through his eyes and he is not alright. I waited hoping he shouldn’t say anything which will tear my heart apart. When he realized I wont give up that easily. He told not naming the girl that he asked the girl out but she said she is not ready. It didn’t take long to realize he was talking about Josh. Some stranger falling for the girl you love dearly is understandable but your close friend falling for your girl is painful to bear. I didn’t know what to say but if both liked each other then who am I to come in between. I gave him hope told him may be girl is not ready and to give her some time.

Josh was back from Mangalore, I met her in our usual spot, the park. I tried to convince her saying all good things about Kevin.. She has right to be happy she needs to move on. If Kevin is the guy she is choosing then be it, I was ready to climb the steps to gallous.

She then told me Kevin proposed her in May 2013 soon after her and Austin’s breakup which Kevin didn’t tell me. In December before she left for Mangalore again he proposed her she said clearly it’s no and to stop pestering her.

I tried my best to convince Josh because I felt she has to settle without me ; I had no hope and Kevin was a good guy. I tried to convince her again praising Kevin and to give him a chance.

For her stubbornness I lost my convincing power.

I didn’t give up in January 2014 on chat I told her to think about Kevin. I don’t know whether I hit her saturation point because she replied saying “Alan you know right you and I can’t be together”. Did she just talk about herself and me? that too being together? Did I hear correct?. I was confused and failed to understand what she really meant. How many times I tried to analyze what she really meant. Fearing If I point out she will end our friendship I kept that sentence roam freely in my mind.

It was February and valentine’s day was round the corner. I made big collage of her pics . One evening I met her after work in our usual spot and gave her the collage before valentine’s day. She smiled seeing so many pictures of her and said it’s beautiful. Even though she liked it she didn’t take it with her.

On Feb 14, 2014 she came to my home and I lost my tongue seeing her at my door step. Dressed in red color top and black skirt she looked smoky hot to me. Her straighten hair was coming back to its curls and she looked old Josh to me. Happy I was but confused as well we were supposed to go for dinner me Josh Kevin , Dominic and Joshua. We were supposed to go together but me and Josh left before anyone could join us. Seated in light of candles all I could see was her. So before anyone could join us I told her which I should have told year’s ago.I looked into her eyes and said “I LOVE YOU”. She smiled mercilessly killing me again with her eyes, patted my cheek with her tender finger and said “I know Alan, I know”. She didn’t repeat those same words, she didn’t hug me or kiss me but I knew by then yes, she loves me too. She didn’t have to say her eyes poured her heart to me. I felt I am the happiest man on earth .

                                                                     To Be Continued