Yana AND Gokarna- Day2

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Dubansisi Beach, where we stayed

Did I tell, we slept by the sea in a tent listening to the waves fighting

“Consider how the wild flowers grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these.”

Model:Fellow traveller, photographer and pose direction by: ME , Me, Me

Gokarna main BeachLook I capture dragon fly:)

Anyone for fresh,live fishJelly Fish

That’s Squid and sardine

The more I saw the sea the more I was tempted to buy land and settle there. May be fishing on every alternative days and a dip in the sea every freaking day

Village people are always hard working

Nothing can stop me, I am unstoppable(If you want awesome, natural picture of yours ping me, I am cool photographer)

Some people dont have the privilage of retirement life, they have to work till their last breath

Kudle beach


I felt really sorry for clicking this picture without their dads permission. But then he clicked ours , so now we are even.

Pub hopping is fun when you are drunk on the alcohol, breach hopping is more fun drunk in the beauty of nature

Om beach

Om Beach, If you see closely you can see the OM

Beach hopping/beach trek wasnt that easy

Half moon beach

“Ajji, can we take your picture”

“Hey boy, you give me 100rs and take a pic.”

Who knew it was difficult to find old women in their regular clothes else I would have paid 100 rs and clicked several pics in all angels.

A boy from the tour: “Dont worry Lobo, I will show you her husband and you can click his pictures, as much as you want”. And When I saw her husband I almost fainted, he was dressed in loose old tshirt and just a cloth around his sagging waist.On the tiring trek, those little colors were encouraging us to keep moving and never to stop

The tiger from Punyakoti story jumped from this rock and gave his life away(I was telling this to the city kids:))

Ladies your Stilettos  doesn’t work here.

Definitely not for the weak hearted

Paradise beach

I just wonder what my dad has to say if I decorate our chikku tree with the beer bottles. might pat my back or whack my butt?

Deep thick jungle where I was the crowing crow along with other crow.

Belekaan, our last beach

Except Blacky(black lab mic in red belt) all are strays. They may not have owner but sea provides them the shelter. In the cool night they sleep by the sea shore under the blue open sky.

Breach trek route:Dubansisi beach-Gokarna Main beach-Kudle beach-Om beach-half moon beach-Paradise beach-Belekaan beach

Keep a eye on Kaad Boys activities and you can hop on in their next trip. Say my name and get discount:)

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you lift your leg and I will lift mine

This is the first trip I was travelling with all strangers except one. I wasn’t hesitant(totally not me) but as I was dying to see Yana I packed my bags, keeping a open mind and empty pocket to be filled with memories

Old though, inst he darling by the sea

That is the washroom. Who said Indians are’nt creativeYana. Always wanted to visit after watching the Kannada movie “Nammura Mandara Hoove”. Might be just rock but the caves are so huge and cold. According to the Brahmin who serves in the temple, water flows all 365 days to the small temple outside the cave.

Surrounded by lush green, Yana was a remote place

Camp Fire and tents by the beach, Fancy! right. Follow the nomadic Kaadboys and strike out all places from your chembu list(bucket-list).

I slept like a hog. No mosquito, no bugs but only the melodies song sang by the sea

All you have to do is dream and Kaadboys will make your dream come true, isn’t it cool

If you tell them that you are my friend, you will get discount. Hurry, Dream,Pack and Travel

Plan, Travel, Enjoy: http://www.hashitinerary.com

Their sensational blog: http://aleyateera.wordpress.com


Look, whom I found on my morning walk

It was so silent and peaceful, felt like staying there forever,away from annoying people, traffic and computers but surrounded by mind blowing castles, water body, sheep,mountain goats, the thing with Horns( mountain cattle’s), eccentric music and men in kilt. I would have done anything to stay there

When Scottish talk you are just lost if you are not used to their accent. Gaelic is their language, they never liked United Kingdom(history is the proof). One visit and you are lost, like me.

That is our guide. Nothing can beat men in kilt

Eilean Donan Castle


One of my favourite pic

Sisters of Kintail

The Commando Memorial, Spean Bridge

The Doune Castle

The National Wallace Monument

The national Wallace Monument

The Kelpies

Haggis, Scottish famous good

Scottish National Gallery

Lone trip though, I had a different but awesome experience. I saw the world with different eyes after my trip. Its true travelling makes you see the world differently. Scotland will always remain my favorite

Students rallying on the road, Bangalore,was something nice to see on Children’s day. Listen to them and say “No to Drugs”

Glad I am a fascinated morning walker, could see the beauty. KyleakinThat is the view from the hostel window,Kyleakin

Mountain cattle or “the Thing with Horns” as our guide used to call it.

Fairy Pools

Fairy Pools

Fairy Pools.It is believed that if you take a dip in this water you will never age.

Fairy Pools

The Storr

The Storr

You dont need word to explain the beauty, just a look a enough. Highlands are breathtaking.

The Storr. The story behind The Storr is very fascinating.Kilt Rock

Kilt Rock

Kilt Rock

Quiraing viewpoint.Even sun plays hide and seek in the highlands

Looks like sheep doesn’t have any other work that grazing in the mountain. In England and Scotland, sheep grazing grass or gazing at you is common

Fairy Glen

The place is all magical as fairies

Yeah baby, its Fish and Chips

After the dinner when I took leave and started to walk, limping,  on the lone street of Kyleakin,in the dark but sweet night I was happy. The moon was dancing in his white glory in the silent dark sky. When you are content, doing things, your way ,even nature joins the celebration.

I was crossing the small bridge, on my way back to hostel when I was thunder-shocked, two girls, head covered in hijab were lying on the bridge and admiring the Tide-white moon in the sky. Crazy?na, it was super crazy and I loved it. When they saw me they tried to get up “no, dont do that, please let me join you guys, I always wanted to do this”. Smiling we three lied down on the hard  floor of the bridge,watching the moon.

“He looks much sexier from here” I said.

“yeah” they agreed,giggling. Then it was all quiet . We lost ourselves in watching him, his body marks, his shape, his biceps.

I couldn’t stop myself from remembering this guy, on whom I had huge crush, yeah just crush no LOVE saying “you are too crazy, no wonder you are single”. I was hurt wondering do I need to change myself to be little less crazy and very boring so that I can be loved? I am glad I didnt. That is the reason I was happy, living my crazy moment with women I didnt know from Adam, in Scotland.

When my back started to hurt I got up and said “I think I’ll leave, nice to meet you ladies and Thank, I will always remember this moment”. Bidding my fair well I walked away towards my hostel, I didnt know their name or place, I didnt bother to ask, it didn’t matter, sometimes its best to do things with total strangers.

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I was waiting for my metro card to swipe when the small kid in yellow striped shirt, old blue shorts but no footwear caught my attention. His father in whose hand his tiny hand was held was dressed in a shirt, lungi and the footwear were missing. Holding his father’s hand he was super excited to put the token in the Metro gate pass. Laughing he waited for his father’s instruction, after crossing he waited for his father to reach him. When his father came he lifted his tiny arms towards him, smilingly his father picked him easily and put him on his shoulder. The little boy was happy so as his father. Nothing could wipe out their happiness, not even the poverty.

Nothing can beat the ride on daddy’s shoulder.

I don’t remember when was the last time I looked so happy and careless for more than a minute without thinking about present and future, having multiple footwear for different purpose didn’t even help. As they walked first time I was jealous of a little kid riding on his daddy’s shoulder

He wasn’t all that happy when he saw me clicking his picture, may be he didn’t like my face:)

When monster is working it is magical to watch, how easily but efficiently it does its work