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Madame Tussauds, London

Posted: April 16, 2018 in London
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A year is gone  but I still miss the golden time I spent in UK. Some good old cold but fun filled days.Jack, come back Jack. He is still the handsomest.

The biting vampire guy

They dont need intro. Kanye West always looks pissed like always.

The Imitation Game

The Dressmaker

Getting comfy with Clooney

Dancing and going merry Katrina Kaif

Short but still dashing, Top Gun

Prettiest pretty Mrs  I. Bachchan

Tiger Zinda Hai

Ek Do Teen

Finally I touched those 6 heavy packs.

Amitabh Bachchan

Kendall Jenner

Cara Delevingne

Die Hard

Indiana Jones

The iconic smile

The man who made whole world laugh.

Breakfast At Tiffny

The Terminator

Sister Act

Iron Man

I am Bond, James Bond

The God of CricketLets do some golfing

Lets do some running

Lets do some car racing

And then Boxing

Play Tennis as well

Princess of people’s heart

Indian guy with royal family

The genius


Women!!They dont leave me in peace.

Back then when it was nice and they were all in same direction

Rebellious Miley

Some help from sweet heart to set my hat right


Britney Spears


Someone Like youUnder My Umbrella

Oh Look, Its Modi.

Indira Gandhi

Posing with Captain America Fans

Arent they cute

Lets set his hair right

Hmm, lets mess it up little bit.

There you go dude. You are welcome.

Marie Tussaud, the big brain herself

My dad is my superhero.

Alone and lone he looks sad

He let me take his call for him, he is the coolest.

Some Tips:

-Its a must visit place. There is so much to see, totally worth it.

-Book the tickets online to avoid wasting the time in queue.

-Its best and time saving if you could be there at the earliest as possible. I was there around 8.30, so walked in like a queen without waiting.

-Day time if you go without ticket, you get migraine seeing the never ending queue.


Posted: February 19, 2017 in Gallery, London, TransOceanic
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img_20170108_131713268 The story behind Stonehenge is interesting, like the heritage itself. Some says it used to burial ground may be that is why the crow is sitting there communicating with invisible but still living things.

Sheep grazing on the grass, historic monument with mind blowing English winter, it was pitch perfect like chilled beer . Definitely UK is breath taking place.

Felt sad for this lone stone which sits at a distance apart from the group. Every time it gazes at its peers catching up, on black moon day, or boxing day when noisy humans disappear, I am sure this lone guy will sit and weep at its ugly fate to be outcasted.

So many tourist, just wonder when the smart photographer captured his finest shot which made it to every ones desktop.

Yeah, this definitely going to sit on my desktop for long time

The entrance to St Paul’s Cathedral

It was just perfect.

This massive door opens only when Royal family comes for visit not for the commoners like meimg_20170204_141238465Does it look like a Pineapple or its only me who can see the replica of pineapple growing in my aunt’s backyard.img_20170204_142555052To visit the dome we have to walk , climb steps after steps Breath taking view is totally worth is when you are breathless climbing so many stepsAll skyscrapers flaunt their beauty proudly

That is Shard

London Bridge

Thames flowing quietly with all the dirt and tears

London eye

Its magnificent building, thing is taking picture inside is prohibited.Its a must visit place

The Queen with her knightsJust a walk on the London street makes you fall in love with the place. The beautifully built buildings, romantic streets not to forget the cold weather.